Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What happened to the blog?

First off I want to say thank you for all the viewers over the last few years, who have both taken the time to read and enjoy my adventures. This blog as of now is close to 950,000 views; something I couldn't have really imagined when I first started writing it. It would be well over a million views by now if I had kept up with it the last year. As you can see, I haven't been writing lately.

The no. 1 reason, in all honesty....writing burnout and the effort it was taking to put up a story. I know it doesn't seem like much to do, but ill assure you, it takes a lot of time and effort to get to a position where I think its readable. I was also getting frustrated with the video clip hosting issue. It was a constant struggle to find a host I liked and as you can see most of the clips are not there now. "Yeah, yeah, yeah....poor you fucking all these sexy sluts. You must have it so rough.." So what is next? Well after a lot of thought and looking around, I'm going to attempt to move this to a subscription based service/blog. I understand that's not a popular decision for most of the viewers and I don't have any real high goals for it as of now but I will share with you a few reasons for doing it.

The older I get the more motivation I need to turn my reality into written and view-able media. Knowing that people are paying (no matter what amount) is a motivator. Also, I don't have to worry about my content being pulled, reported or be spammed. Lastly, it gives me chance to write about any meetings I want, within reason, specifically older encounters that I choose not to write about in this blog.

So what am I offering? Well, it will be similar to the structure here. I am promising at least 2 stories a month with pictures and hopefully some longer video clips. There could be more, there could be some bonus type of material (some live video possibly now and then..ultimately a little more interactive). I'm well aware that to charge people for something that was once free you have to be offering something more, at least I have to as a guy. Ok so whats this all going to cost? Probably around $7-$9 per month. As I have stated, I don't have high goals initially and its not a second job for me. I'm much more focused on meeting the obligations I'm promising versus how many people subscribe initially.

The subscription would be monthly with no obligation to auto-renew. You want to see what I'm posting the next month, you renew on your own. You don't think its enough, don't like what you see, think its changed for the bad etc., don't renew. I will still have to get some approvals from playmates, friends, etc. Some people feel a little different when some aspects of their life is being put on a pay site, so not everything or everyone you may have seen me associated with before will be on the new site. I may use this site to "tease" the stories on the new site. I haven't exactly worked out the promoting aspect.

I'm looking around early June to start this, its possible it could happen in May. One thing I will say is, I'm not short on stories, nor content. I could go a few years if i never had another adventure. However, having the green light to share stories, etc., even when protecting identities is something I don't have across the board. That's a big deal to me and I have no intention of compromising acquaintances regular lifestyles for my gain. I would shut it down in 5 min if thought that was happening.

 I welcome your feedback about this; you can reach me on twitter or through the blog. Again, I'm humbled by the attention this blog has received and hope to keep it going in a similar fashion.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Natural Progression

When I first started seeing Mrs. SwingCouple, we had a lot of conversations individually about future meets once we were all comfortable with each other. Last year for them, had some challenges and I certainly understood that and just let things sort themselves out.

Anyway we found some time to meet over the winter and kind of turned in into a two-parter. I met them at their house and immediately hopped in their car and we all took a ride. I had not seen her in a long time and she looked just as good if not better than before. She was in boots and a winter coat with just a tank top and boyshorts underneath (excellent wardrobe for a winter drive). We talked some as he drove and caught up on things. We stopped at a gas station, he exited the car and the talk soon turned to slurping. It was great to feel her oral talents at work once again. It takes her very little time to get me hard.

We bounced around to a few different spots and played a little more with each other. I never get tired of squeezing and exploring her body even in a semi public or cramped setting. Its a real turn-on to get her worked up and want to please.

Back to my opening sentences...this evening though, was about what we were going to do when we got back to their place. This would be the first night I would use her bare and creampie that good pussy. As I said we had talked about this moment several times and positioned things so we could finally make it happen. Different circumstances enter into when/if a couples decides to play this way a someone and we were at that point. She didn't seem any more nervous than usual. I've really tried to make it a point with her to be someone she can trust and relax with. I feel it has definitely been coming through and our last few times we had played.

We got back to their house and she got herself ready and we made our way to the bedroom. She got on the bed and leaned over on her stomach and sucked me mostly and also the Mr. After another warm up, he ate her pussy some and she kept on sucking my dick more. Eventually I flipped her on her back and pulled her legs to me at the edge of the bed. We used a tiny bit of lube just since I had not been inside her in such a long time. I teased the excited lips with the head of my dick and spanked her pierced clit before easing my self inside her. It was an extremely enjoyable feeling doing this with her.

The sensations and mental stimulation of the change is pretty strong and I began to make slow strokes in her and gradually build up to longer harder and deeper ones. She shrieked some and moaned some and that was my que to really work her over. I fucked her missionary for a while to loosen her up good and then we switched and i got on my back and she mounted me. I knew I was in trouble once she did this. I knew she wanted to really get off from this position and she would be riding hard. I was squeezing her tits and lightly putting pressure on her neck and throat and she worked her tight pussy up and down my shaft.

I then cupped her cheeks and helped her work her hips so she could go for broke and not get tired. Of course the faster and harder she worked just brought me to orgasm. I announced I was close and I know her husband was excited to see it. She didn't stop and acknowledged to let loose. And with that, I pumped her pussy full of my cum and she continued to slow grind and fuck me. I could feel it running out of her slowly and down my shaft. We had gone at it pretty good and having that release in her felt awesome.  The Mr. was so worked up from watching the action he jumped in right behind me and pumped her for a couple minutes and also filled her.  The precedent has been set now for all future fun with her to be bare.


Friday, December 11, 2015

Like Riding A Bike

Relationships come and go in this lifestyle. People can be prominent in your life for a while and quite literally disappear without much notice. It's the nature of things. Family dynamics, professional reasons,  changes in lifestyle needs, etc., many reasons. I'm very fortunate to have a few long term relationships with both some couples and single women that have lasted for many years. 

One such woman, whom I hadn't seen in 3 years, I got to spend a few days with. Oh and yeah I fucked her a lot too. One of the interesting things to this meet was that when we had seen each other in the past a few times, she had no idea of all the things I was up to. I never hid it and often texted her about what I might be up at any given time. She actually learned the most reading my blog. Then I got a message from her pleading, "Why can't I be in it?" Well ya happy now!? 

She has the librarian look and ever evolving white girl figure, thick booty and perfect breasts even at 40.  It was Fri night, just got dinner and went back to her place. She put on an outfit.  It was a black nightie that just covered her ass and her tits were popping out of. I soaked the view a bit before we got in bed. Some hands started roaming and before I knew it she was on top of me stating, "You know you can do anything you want to me!" I don't know about you,  but that's a pretty good start to the weekend.

With that cue I pushed her down and told her to suck my dick. Now in all honesty, this is not her greatest strength. Actually it is her desire to enjoy it more and become better at it. I appreciate her coming clean about this. Every woman thinks they're the best at sucking dick, when in reality you just got some partners that aren't being as honest with you. (Ti be fair it goes with guys too in pussy eating.) Anyway what she may lack there, she more than makes up for in fucking. Shes a grade A dick rider and can get herself off just from that.

I got her pussy nice and wet. She does enjoy being licked and fingered. I wanted to get her good and primed. I know that while she loves being eaten, it's just a matter of time before she needs to be fucked hard. She is the kind of submissive that will yell out how she's getting her pussy broke but won't want you to stop. The mild pain is her pleasure. She is definitely in the submissive category and takes direction well.

We both want to do a little more BDSM together and with others. She got paddled quite a bit. I actually left mine there. I guess that's just a parting gift. Saturday and Sunday were very similar and I just enjoy hey company. All in all it was a good weekend with an old friend that I hope I see more of.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Three Is The Magic Number

I hadn't seen Mrs. SWFH in quite a few months. But due to some scheduling changes on my part our paths fell into alignment in quick fashion. This sexy hotwife has taken to bbc like a duck to water over the last year. Some couples dip their toes in, well this hot slut tied a cement bag to her leg and jumped in the deep end.  I assure you and can say with certainty her tote board is 100% factual. Everyone goes at this lifestyle at their own pace and even them, they have growing pains like any hotwife cuckold couple.

 Even in all their exploits they have some uncharted territories. Our recent meet would create another entry in the ledger. The plan was to meet her with 2 other black men at a hotel. She would be solo. All of us had met her before in some capacity. This would be a bareback event also with everyone recently tested.

I was in contact with the Mr throughout most of the evening. I got there a little before the other guys did and greeted her and we talked some. It was great to see her again. I had forgotten how pretty she is and how tall she is. Well it didn't take too long before you innocent, "Umm can I suck your dick?" question came out. Not one to slow down the fun, I let her drop to her knees and undo my pants and lower my boxers and take out what she was craving.

Soon after her sucking me for a while we enjoy each other orally for sometime and that is when she had her first orgasm right on my face and tongue. I immediately positioned myself sideways with her on the bed and slowly slide in her wet creamy pussy. I was just slowly long stroking her and listening to her moans. Eventually I was about to pick her up and set her down on my dick. I was so ready to fill her now stretched pussy full of cum when there was a knock at the door. The second guy showed up at a very inopportune moment so we tabled what was about to happen for a little. She felt obliged to get him hard and sucked him off for a little while as i watched. The he must of had a sense of what was going on and graciously allowed us to finish what we started.

He sat down and kept stroking himself as we repositioned ourselves for her to take the first of many loads in her pussy today. She mounted me and i began to thrust furiously having her tell me how she wanted all our cum today inside her. I unloaded and pumped my seed deep in her. It felt great and I slowly slid out of her to see what was oozing out.

The third guy showed up and then things picked up. She sucked him right away. Guy #2 kind of was just taking it all in at first and next thing i know myself and Guy #3 were double teaming her. She had her head hanging off the bed and was being face fucked by him while i went back in her used pussy. We did this for a while when i deferred to Guy #3 to take some of her pussy and boy did he. We pulled her fully on the bed and he proceeded to wear her pussy out some more. Then he ramped up the fucking doggie hard from the back and dumped a huge messy load of cum deep in her.

We took a break and just talked a lot got a drink etc. It was at this time that the reluctant Guy #2 got in the drivers seat. Myself and him were getting our dicks sucked by her and after he was good and hard he just flipped her on her back lifted her legs up and drove deep in her. At this point she was just a cum-dump for us and her body was there to be used for our and her pleasure. She had cum several times at this point and it continued. Guy #3 was came over and saw an open mouth and began to use it as Guy #2 kept pumping her pussy. This went on for about 10-15 min when he too turned her pussy into our cum catcher. If you're keeping score at home kids, that's 3 loads of cum in her pussy now.

Not wanting to lose any momentum the feature acronym came up, DP. Guy #2 announced he had to go, so it was just me and Guy #3 to attempt taking her holes simultaneously. I got on the bottom and she mounted me and we got set in our position. Guy #3 took his time getting himself set and entered her lubed up ass. Once in, I let him establish himself in there and time his rhythm. I had never met this dude before but we worked her holes like pistons. When he pulled back, I was pumping in. We worked really well together on her. We were able to keep this going for at least 15 min or so when all of a sudden he just went ham on her ass and just started fucking it hard and pounding it...All I heard at that point was something to the effect of, "Fuck it! I'm cumming right in here!" and with that he pumped her tight asshole full of cum.

We eased out of her and let her bask in that for a few. She was full of smiles and orgasms. Even I was impressed and proud of how we worked her over. I sat next to her and asked her how she was feeling and she said incredible. At that point, I yanked her head over to the edge of the bed and had her suck my balls and rim my ass. I was stroking my shaft and within a few minutes shot one final load down on her mouth and face. She kept me in her mouth and drained every last bit I had.

What a few hours. This slut had gotten what she came for, five loads of cum and had a smile the entire time. We are working on a future en-devour with another couple so stay tuned for a future post about it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

DP in DC

It's not too often being a guy that just does this for fun, that I gets to rub elbows with real porn/amateur greats. However when Alexis Golden invited me to a little get together, it was virtually impossible for me not to accept. Oh and by get together, I mean small gangbang. I met her at a room in DC and there were a couple guys already there along with her husband. She was stunning. Tall, blonde, tight dress on fully showing her curves...like a super MILF!   One of the guys was leaving and another was coming for the actual fun. We just all sat around sharing stories and talking about the lifestyle. This actually happens with about 75% of my meets. My stories are pretty tame to some that I hear. The third guy arrives and she has to be somewhere else that night so it's time to get started. She sits on the edge of the bed and gets immediately surrounded by the three black dicks all wanting her oral attention.

She hungrily accepted that challenge and just goes from one to the other spitting, stroking, and sucking on is all. I maneuver around behind her and begin fingering her ass as she continues to suck. I think that sensation really got her going because not more than a minute or two later she was wanting a hard black dick in her back there. Never one to procrastinate at a gangbang, I was inside her quickly. There were some running jokes going on, one that she hadn't done an event like this in a while so her parts were a little under worked.

So we were told to take things slow with her till she was "broke in" well. So of course I'm adhering to that when I get the, "Are you fuck me or what?!" demand. Needless to say she was ready for her holes to get pounded.

She was all limbered up and it was time for her DP. I was the down guy. She mounted me. Once I was in her pussy, she told the guys to hold off and just rode the hell out of me for about five minutes. I have never been worked over like that before that hard. I was just a little bitch along for the ride. She eased up and said something to the effect of that felt good. I can see why her husband needs a little help from time to time. The other guys took turns fucking her tight ass as I just tried to stay in her pussy while she was getting worked. Occasionally one would stand over me and face fuck her while the DP was going on. After that rodeo session I was more than ready to blast my load on her. She is a total cum junkie and craves it. She put her eager beautiful face and mouth right next to my dick to take it all.

I took a break as we all did from time to time but she got fucked all over that room. The bed, couch, floor, and chair were all staging areas for her holes getting violated. Her husband did announce that time was growing short and we all needed to wrap up. I knew what a cum fiend she is and was wanting to make sure I didn't leave that room with an ounce left in me. I walked over to her and with her mouth on the tip of my dick shot what I had left in her mouth, and just fully emptied myself. I really appreciated the invite and the opportunity to play with her. They're a very humble couple and have a real circular view on the swinging and porn scene. It was nice just listening to them talk about things. I would be fortunate to cross paths with them again. Make sure you check her out at Alexis Golden's site.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Puck Slut

So it's Stanley Cup time and where don't you expect to see hockey fans let alone a team still in the playoffs, Tampa of course. I had scheduled a meet with YTC quite a while ago and our time had finally come to meet. We had been casually going back and forth over the last couple months about meeting and I was excited. If you don't know this woman you better fire up the Google machine. She has quite the following in various places. Trust me, I was fortunate to catch her and she was gracious enough to allow me to come see her.

I got into town near where she lives, then she messaged me and said I'm solo tonight let's get a drink. So she came to me and we walked to very close bar and just got acquainted some. She's very pretty with all her freckles, great personality and body. Definitely got the booty for her frame. She looked great in her wedges short shorts and plunging v-line top. She was on a bit of a time crunch so with that we were headed to my room. When the door shuts, it's time to be a slut.. Seemed to be her motto. We were rolling around like kids in high school within 5 minutes. I got her naked and blindfolded her briefly cause I wanted to give her something..(well besides my D).


 I stood her up and walked her to the mirror then dressed her in this. I let her see it and she smiled, thanked me and was excited.

Ok back to fucking n sucking. She dropped down to take me in her mouth and worked my dick good.. Left it good and wet. I reached down and began to finger and lick her. I could tell she's more of a penetration fan, meaning if your dick is hard it belongs inside her. I was more than ready to oblige. I kept her on her back and slowly entered her. She was sopping wet and made it feel so good. We went at it for a while and I wanted to cum five minutes in, which I think she would have been fine with but I held out to my detriment, because in the long run, I couldn't finish. She needed to go and I was disappointed in myself. This night was sort of a bonus meet and she assured me I'll get a chance at redemption in 24 hours.

Sure enough I got the message inviting me to their home and while it was supposed to be earlier to include playoff hockey viewing, at the end of the day, I got her and that's what was important. I met the Mr., good guy, cool guy, we actually have job similarities. We sat around in their living room with some drinks and talked and actually watched some boxing. Once YTC got her liver a little lumbered up, she was gone to change and came back down in what I got her yesterday. Umm it was game on. She was next to me and stroking me through my shorts as I was feeling her up.

Next thing I knew she was leaning over and popping my dick in her mouth. Hubby was enjoying this action way more than the TV and dropped his pants and accepted some of YTC's oral talents. She ended up in the floor bent over sucking him when I took that as my cue to plug her open hole problem. I went in slowly from behind. We were a bit height challenged with the gap between her and I but we made it work. I knew the second I was in her that pussy was getting creampied shortly.


I began to really work her hard from the back while her head was just bouncing in hubby's lap. I got up on one knee and put my other leg on the couch to really drive deep and hard in her. She was moaning all sorts of things to him. I just remember her demanding that I fill her pussy with my cum. And with that I complied. I emptied every bit deep in her. She slowly slid off me into a heap on the couch. We took a break and were back at it soon again. We were fucking and sucking and she squirted all over her couch quite a few times. It was hot to feel and see that. Eventually I was sweating she says squirting, we were a mess. It was a great night with them. Round 2 is already scheduled...stay tuned.


Monday, June 1, 2015

Wont You Be My Neighbor

When you enter into a mutually beneficial sexual relationship with a couple; you never know at day 1 where it will be at day x. When I first met @swingcouple1127, I had no idea where it would end up beyond that first night. We're closing in on two years this summer and its actually gotten better, and those were her words to me. So it turned out that the Mr. had to be out of town working for a couple days and we discussed me coming by and keeping the Mrs. company one evening. I know she was nervous about it, even though we had been kind of angling for it to happen and it had been discussed. The last few times I met with them he would leave the room entirely, off and on to allow her to just be with me. She has definitely gotten more used to not seeing him and not letting it distract her and take away from her pleasure. So she agreed to the night and I showed up and she was in a corset thigh high mesh stockings and glitter fuck me pumps. She looked really slutty but very sexy.

 We actually talked some and kind of got things stable at her house to play uninterrupted. Of course the only real rule we had was to capture everything via pics and video, but that proved to be a challenge for us at times. Anyway we were ready to get busy and got into the bedroom and set things up. She was nervous, but I was too somewhat. This experience was totally in my hands and I wanted to make sure she just lost herself in the moments and relaxed as much as she could and just let loose. We were getting texts from him as he was boarding for his flight just as we began to play. She dropped to her knees and began to suck me and she is incredibly good at it...like a piston with the mouth and hand action. Over the course of the next hour or so we just went all out. I actually hadn't had a release in several days leading up to us meeting and was feeling the pressure build. She mounted me and slowly slid down. She winced a little but didn't stop. I didn't thrust just let her work it at her own pace. Well ok sure as hell did after a minute or so. Five minutes of that and I could feel her squirting all down my shaft. I got her off of me, pushed her to her knees and shot my cum across and on her tits and chin. She took control and sucked me to coax out all she could.

We laughed some and kind of had the same thought, that her husband will go nuts when he sees this later. We took a mini break and we're back at it. I fucked her more doggie and other ways. I know she was getting a little worn out and knowing he was close to landing, we just called it. Overall it was great seeing her solo. I think all the times we have met and our frequent communication greatly reduced the tension and stress. We've talked since about and she said she was actually a little more relaxed with just me there, just in that the audience is limited and it's just the fucking and sucking. Anyways, tune in for future adventures with them. Summer is coming and I see another outdoor night in our future.

 The clip I'm sharing is short for a few reasons. But it begins with us alone and she is texting him, well receiving the 10 or so texts he sent her from 30000 feet using airplane wifi. It was actually a funny moment because she was overwhelmed with his excited texts.