Friday, December 11, 2015

Like Riding A Bike

Relationships come and go in this lifestyle. People can be prominent in your life for a while and quite literally disappear without much notice. It's the nature of things. Family dynamics, professional reasons,  changes in lifestyle needs, etc., many reasons. I'm very fortunate to have a few long term relationships with both some couples and single women that have lasted for many years. 

One such woman, whom I hadn't seen in 3 years, I got to spend a few days with. Oh and yeah I fucked her a lot too. One of the interesting things to this meet was that when we had seen each other in the past a few times, she had no idea of all the things I was up to. I never hid it and often texted her about what I might be up at any given time. She actually learned the most reading my blog. Then I got a message from her pleading, "Why can't I be in it?" Well ya happy now!? 

She has the librarian look and ever evolving white girl figure, thick booty and perfect breasts even at 40.  It was Fri night, just got dinner and went back to her place. She put on an outfit.  It was a black nightie that just covered her ass and her tits were popping out of. I soaked the view a bit before we got in bed. Some hands started roaming and before I knew it she was on top of me stating, "You know you can do anything you want to me!" I don't know about you,  but that's a pretty good start to the weekend.

With that cue I pushed her down and told her to suck my dick. Now in all honesty, this is not her greatest strength. Actually it is her desire to enjoy it more and become better at it. I appreciate her coming clean about this. Every woman thinks they're the best at sucking dick, when in reality you just got some partners that aren't being as honest with you. (Ti be fair it goes with guys too in pussy eating.) Anyway what she may lack there, she more than makes up for in fucking. Shes a grade A dick rider and can get herself off just from that.

I got her pussy nice and wet. She does enjoy being licked and fingered. I wanted to get her good and primed. I know that while she loves being eaten, it's just a matter of time before she needs to be fucked hard. She is the kind of submissive that will yell out how she's getting her pussy broke but won't want you to stop. The mild pain is her pleasure. She is definitely in the submissive category and takes direction well.

We both want to do a little more BDSM together and with others. She got paddled quite a bit. I actually left mine there. I guess that's just a parting gift. Saturday and Sunday were very similar and I just enjoy hey company. All in all it was a good weekend with an old friend that I hope I see more of.


  1. Love reading your stuff! What a pleasant surprise to end a weekend full of work.

  2. Here in Brazil we read much your blog is very rewarding sexy