Friday, June 19, 2015

Three Is The Magic Number

I hadn't seen Mrs. SWFH in quite a few months. But due to some scheduling changes on my part our paths fell into alignment in quick fashion. This sexy hotwife has taken to bbc like a duck to water over the last year. Some couples dip their toes in, well this hot slut tied a cement bag to her leg and jumped in the deep end.  I assure you and can say with certainty her tote board is 100% factual. Everyone goes at this lifestyle at their own pace and even them, they have growing pains like any hotwife cuckold couple.

 Even in all their exploits they have some uncharted territories. Our recent meet would create another entry in the ledger. The plan was to meet her with 2 other black men at a hotel. She would be solo. All of us had met her before in some capacity. This would be a bareback event also with everyone recently tested.

I was in contact with the Mr throughout most of the evening. I got there a little before the other guys did and greeted her and we talked some. It was great to see her again. I had forgotten how pretty she is and how tall she is. Well it didn't take too long before you innocent, "Umm can I suck your dick?" question came out. Not one to slow down the fun, I let her drop to her knees and undo my pants and lower my boxers and take out what she was craving.

Soon after her sucking me for a while we enjoy each other orally for sometime and that is when she had her first orgasm right on my face and tongue. I immediately positioned myself sideways with her on the bed and slowly slide in her wet creamy pussy. I was just slowly long stroking her and listening to her moans. Eventually I was about to pick her up and set her down on my dick. I was so ready to fill her now stretched pussy full of cum when there was a knock at the door. The second guy showed up at a very inopportune moment so we tabled what was about to happen for a little. She felt obliged to get him hard and sucked him off for a little while as i watched. The he must of had a sense of what was going on and graciously allowed us to finish what we started.

He sat down and kept stroking himself as we repositioned ourselves for her to take the first of many loads in her pussy today. She mounted me and i began to thrust furiously having her tell me how she wanted all our cum today inside her. I unloaded and pumped my seed deep in her. It felt great and I slowly slid out of her to see what was oozing out.

The third guy showed up and then things picked up. She sucked him right away. Guy #2 kind of was just taking it all in at first and next thing i know myself and Guy #3 were double teaming her. She had her head hanging off the bed and was being face fucked by him while i went back in her used pussy. We did this for a while when i deferred to Guy #3 to take some of her pussy and boy did he. We pulled her fully on the bed and he proceeded to wear her pussy out some more. Then he ramped up the fucking doggie hard from the back and dumped a huge messy load of cum deep in her.

We took a break and just talked a lot got a drink etc. It was at this time that the reluctant Guy #2 got in the drivers seat. Myself and him were getting our dicks sucked by her and after he was good and hard he just flipped her on her back lifted her legs up and drove deep in her. At this point she was just a cum-dump for us and her body was there to be used for our and her pleasure. She had cum several times at this point and it continued. Guy #3 was came over and saw an open mouth and began to use it as Guy #2 kept pumping her pussy. This went on for about 10-15 min when he too turned her pussy into our cum catcher. If you're keeping score at home kids, that's 3 loads of cum in her pussy now.

Not wanting to lose any momentum the feature acronym came up, DP. Guy #2 announced he had to go, so it was just me and Guy #3 to attempt taking her holes simultaneously. I got on the bottom and she mounted me and we got set in our position. Guy #3 took his time getting himself set and entered her lubed up ass. Once in, I let him establish himself in there and time his rhythm. I had never met this dude before but we worked her holes like pistons. When he pulled back, I was pumping in. We worked really well together on her. We were able to keep this going for at least 15 min or so when all of a sudden he just went ham on her ass and just started fucking it hard and pounding it...All I heard at that point was something to the effect of, "Fuck it! I'm cumming right in here!" and with that he pumped her tight asshole full of cum.

We eased out of her and let her bask in that for a few. She was full of smiles and orgasms. Even I was impressed and proud of how we worked her over. I sat next to her and asked her how she was feeling and she said incredible. At that point, I yanked her head over to the edge of the bed and had her suck my balls and rim my ass. I was stroking my shaft and within a few minutes shot one final load down on her mouth and face. She kept me in her mouth and drained every last bit I had.

What a few hours. This slut had gotten what she came for, five loads of cum and had a smile the entire time. We are working on a future en-devour with another couple so stay tuned for a future post about it.

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