Wednesday, June 3, 2015

DP in DC

It's not too often being a guy that just does this for fun, that I gets to rub elbows with real porn/amateur greats. However when Alexis Golden invited me to a little get together, it was virtually impossible for me not to accept. Oh and by get together, I mean small gangbang. I met her at a room in DC and there were a couple guys already there along with her husband. She was stunning. Tall, blonde, tight dress on fully showing her a super MILF!   One of the guys was leaving and another was coming for the actual fun. We just all sat around sharing stories and talking about the lifestyle. This actually happens with about 75% of my meets. My stories are pretty tame to some that I hear. The third guy arrives and she has to be somewhere else that night so it's time to get started. She sits on the edge of the bed and gets immediately surrounded by the three black dicks all wanting her oral attention.

She hungrily accepted that challenge and just goes from one to the other spitting, stroking, and sucking on is all. I maneuver around behind her and begin fingering her ass as she continues to suck. I think that sensation really got her going because not more than a minute or two later she was wanting a hard black dick in her back there. Never one to procrastinate at a gangbang, I was inside her quickly. There were some running jokes going on, one that she hadn't done an event like this in a while so her parts were a little under worked.

So we were told to take things slow with her till she was "broke in" well. So of course I'm adhering to that when I get the, "Are you fuck me or what?!" demand. Needless to say she was ready for her holes to get pounded.

She was all limbered up and it was time for her DP. I was the down guy. She mounted me. Once I was in her pussy, she told the guys to hold off and just rode the hell out of me for about five minutes. I have never been worked over like that before that hard. I was just a little bitch along for the ride. She eased up and said something to the effect of that felt good. I can see why her husband needs a little help from time to time. The other guys took turns fucking her tight ass as I just tried to stay in her pussy while she was getting worked. Occasionally one would stand over me and face fuck her while the DP was going on. After that rodeo session I was more than ready to blast my load on her. She is a total cum junkie and craves it. She put her eager beautiful face and mouth right next to my dick to take it all.

I took a break as we all did from time to time but she got fucked all over that room. The bed, couch, floor, and chair were all staging areas for her holes getting violated. Her husband did announce that time was growing short and we all needed to wrap up. I knew what a cum fiend she is and was wanting to make sure I didn't leave that room with an ounce left in me. I walked over to her and with her mouth on the tip of my dick shot what I had left in her mouth, and just fully emptied myself. I really appreciated the invite and the opportunity to play with her. They're a very humble couple and have a real circular view on the swinging and porn scene. It was nice just listening to them talk about things. I would be fortunate to cross paths with them again. Make sure you check her out at Alexis Golden's site.

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