Monday, June 1, 2015

Wont You Be My Neighbor

When you enter into a mutually beneficial sexual relationship with a couple; you never know at day 1 where it will be at day x. When I first met @swingcouple1127, I had no idea where it would end up beyond that first night. We're closing in on two years this summer and its actually gotten better, and those were her words to me. So it turned out that the Mr. had to be out of town working for a couple days and we discussed me coming by and keeping the Mrs. company one evening. I know she was nervous about it, even though we had been kind of angling for it to happen and it had been discussed. The last few times I met with them he would leave the room entirely, off and on to allow her to just be with me. She has definitely gotten more used to not seeing him and not letting it distract her and take away from her pleasure. So she agreed to the night and I showed up and she was in a corset thigh high mesh stockings and glitter fuck me pumps. She looked really slutty but very sexy.

 We actually talked some and kind of got things stable at her house to play uninterrupted. Of course the only real rule we had was to capture everything via pics and video, but that proved to be a challenge for us at times. Anyway we were ready to get busy and got into the bedroom and set things up. She was nervous, but I was too somewhat. This experience was totally in my hands and I wanted to make sure she just lost herself in the moments and relaxed as much as she could and just let loose. We were getting texts from him as he was boarding for his flight just as we began to play. She dropped to her knees and began to suck me and she is incredibly good at a piston with the mouth and hand action. Over the course of the next hour or so we just went all out. I actually hadn't had a release in several days leading up to us meeting and was feeling the pressure build. She mounted me and slowly slid down. She winced a little but didn't stop. I didn't thrust just let her work it at her own pace. Well ok sure as hell did after a minute or so. Five minutes of that and I could feel her squirting all down my shaft. I got her off of me, pushed her to her knees and shot my cum across and on her tits and chin. She took control and sucked me to coax out all she could.

We laughed some and kind of had the same thought, that her husband will go nuts when he sees this later. We took a mini break and we're back at it. I fucked her more doggie and other ways. I know she was getting a little worn out and knowing he was close to landing, we just called it. Overall it was great seeing her solo. I think all the times we have met and our frequent communication greatly reduced the tension and stress. We've talked since about and she said she was actually a little more relaxed with just me there, just in that the audience is limited and it's just the fucking and sucking. Anyways, tune in for future adventures with them. Summer is coming and I see another outdoor night in our future.

 The clip I'm sharing is short for a few reasons. But it begins with us alone and she is texting him, well receiving the 10 or so texts he sent her from 30000 feet using airplane wifi. It was actually a funny moment because she was overwhelmed with his excited texts.


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