Monday, April 13, 2015

Bottle Service

A lot of my stories start off in similar fashion. Mostly because I'm just not that gifted a writer.. Partly because the scenarios are similar. Well if you've read all my stories, this one will be unique in a lot of ways. Some unfortunate events left my Friday night void and I didn't do anything. Sat. morning I got up and saw that a couple was looking for a blk man for some fun.

Having figured this was an ad from the night before. I just replied sorry I missed the chance if you're still looking to play blah blah. Now this is Saturday morning mind you. Needless to say they say come over. We text some particulars avg I'm on my way.
I arrive and am let in a gate park and walk in.

The bf/Mr greets me in a robe and walks me upstairs. I get introduced ti the gf and wow... Shes a Canadian beauty... Tall pretty young big busted blonde she's also in a robe and nothing else. She immediately asks, "Would you like a robe?" I say sure and they get me one I get undressed and put it on.It's a canopy king size bed and we all get in. The first thing I notice after her, is it's pretty apparent they haven't slept much or at all, and there are a bevy of drugs available. I'm not a drug user of any kind except alcohol but hey I'm in their house and chose to come.

I won't get into what they're taking but it's a variety. Anyway, I was explained that she gets in a mood at times and craves some big thick black dick and she was in one still.
They are making out and she goes down on him then reaches over aff begins stroking me as well. This goes on for some time primarily cause he goes in and out of staying hard. She eventually makes it over to me and gives me a very slow totally relaxing blow job, gradually taking more and more of me in her mouth. He's encouraging to go deeper and deeper. This goes on and she does some alternating back n forth. Eventually she asks me if I'm able to cum multiple times. I said yes and she smiles.

Short break and she gets him hard enough and he gets her doggie while she strokes me again. Then we switch and she's on her back and I feed her my dick while he's fingering her. Eventually, he asks her if she's ready to get fucked and she smiles and says hell yeah. At this point its probably been 45 min already of oral ball tugging hand job.. So she's been getting me going and slowing.. And repeat. It's been great to have a relaxed slow kind of pace. So I get in front of her and slowly ease myself inside her... He's holding her legs up and open as I slide in.. I slowly work her tight pussy open to fit me and it feels great. Now in all truth it didn't take me long to cum. All that early work had me on the brink. I just assumed I would cum from oral and then we would go at it again. But it's her show and I'm the 3rd wheel.

After fucking her missionary I can feel it coming and tell her. He immediately says pull out so we can see it. So I shoot my cum on and in her. And he's loving it and videoing some of it.
Today is a good day cause even though I came fairly soon I'm still hard and just go right back in and don't lose my hard on. Now I want this young tight pussy. I start to thrust harder and go deeper as she begins to moan and writhe. I'm pumping with long hard deep strokes and they're both smiling. I feel her hand gently rubbing my balls and stroking them as I continue to batter her now fully stretched out pussy... This goes on for like 15 min..and all that ball stroking pays off cause I'm ready to cum again.. I follow orders and pull out and shoot it in her so that it's visible.. It's a pretty hot scene. I pull my dick out and it's coated in my cum and her cream. He has her suck me dry clean all the juices off my dick. Now while this is going on, he gets a water bottle and begins this process of milking her pussy of all the cum I put in it. I've never seen this. It's like he's at the gym filling up his water bottle. He even gets her sitting up so gravity can take over and more comes out. I have no idea what became of the bottle. At that point she heads to the bathroom and I can tell he needs a nap..and it's kind of a wrap.

We say our goodbyes and he walks me out. Now as I'm driving out it dawns on me, I've seen this guy before. He's someone virtually most people in America would know over the age of 30-35, movies, TV... Yeah I know right.. Head just exploded. There were a couple Mercedes and a pool so he's still doing ok I think, but he made no mention of who he was and used an alias which is fine, I get that. And in the house there's virtually no references to his career etc. at least on my path from the front door to his bedroom.
So there you have a recount of my brush with fame... anonymously... Haha I don't anticipate seeing any of that video so don't get your hopes up and there no pictures taken. But I'll share a few of her.

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