Saturday, October 25, 2014

Roadside Assistance

Sometimes the best plans go arry and you have to improvise. The plan was simple take a drive with swingcouple1127 to a private office park parking lot at night and fuck her outside... Seems doable... right? Well we got there, got out, and were a minute a way from getting busy when a security guy drove up. Damn plan wrecked. So what's a horny husband to do? Turn lemons into lemonade of course.

We drive around some more and with me and the mrs in the backseat I figure I should be taking advantage of her. I reach over and rub get legs and her nipples.. She gets the idea and begins to stroke me through my pants and within a few minutes has my dick out. I reach down and begin fingering her. She was wearing her bbc slut boyshorts as we pulled into the gas station. He gets her out to take this picture.

We actually ended up on a deserted road but one the mrs travels on quite frequently. It's pitch black, no street lights, and no one driving by.. In other words perfect. We walk around to the back and she continues to suck me mostly but him some as well. Then we lay her down in the back of the SUV and hoist her feet up in the hand holder straps that would be used if the back seat was there. We turned them into stirrups. She laid completely on her back, legs in the air and awaiting dick.. We gave her plenty of it. I fucked her first and slowly went in her. That pussy feels so good and tight. I was on the pavement so I was getting maximum traction as I went deep in her...

I took a quick break and the husband was so excited in what he was seeing he jumped in my place and pumped her hard for like a minute and dumped a huge creampie in her. I followed suite and kept on fucking this hotwife and bbc slut. She was moaning but super wet and now full of cum. She also go on all 4's in the back and took it doggiestyle. After a while of pounding, I pulled out picked her up, laid my shorts down on the pavement for her to kneel on and shoved my dick in her mouth... She worked it just how she knows how and jerked all my cum out on to her exposed tits and chest. She cleaned the excess cum off my dick and had a smile on her face. Wow what a raw hot evening. She later confessed to me, that was the most comfortable and relaxed she felt and it showed... She really let herself go and the Mr and I were huge benefactors.

VIDEO: Roadside Assistance

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