Monday, October 20, 2014

Epitome of an Interracial Hotwife

I met a new couple the other day. They actually contacted me initially after checking out my blog, but nothing ever came of it. I wrote them again recently and they again expressed interest in meeting while they were in my area.

I knew they were looking a have a few black men see her for the evening, but they asked me to come by early to get acquainted before the real fun began.
I knocked on the door with some usual initial nervousness and the husband greeted me and showed me in. And boom, there was an incredibly tall, hot blonde in black & pink bra n panties thigh highs & heels. I had seen pics of her and in action but never her face. She's quite stunning actually beautiful and tall. I'm not used to meeting such tall women but a definite luxury.

We talked some and eventually her and I sat down. She was eager to get what I was offering. We stood up, kissed and she began to undo my pants and pull out my ever growing dick. She slid to her knees and put it in her mouth. All that height and when a slutty hotwife is on her knees, they become the same...eager to worship all that black dick.

As she sucked, she told me her play rules for her cuckold husband or should I say "No" play rules. She lets him stroke his little dick, but he gets no piece of her in the presence of her black lovers. And she never allows him to cum either. So there he was out the corner of my eye stroking that inferior appendage and taking pics like an obedient cuckold.

We were having some dirty talk in between her sucking my dick. She teased her husband by telling him how much she loves the cuckold /hotwife lifestyle and how big black cock is the only cock now that can truly satisfy her. I stood up and stripped her down and began to taste her and eventually put her in a 69. Then a knock at the door. Another black dick was there to use this slut.

Within a few min she was on her knees sucking both cocks and licking our balls hard, which she relished. We eventually both stood over her as she sucked us both alternating between. We put her on the bed, I spread her legs and slowly pushed myself inside her. She continued sucking on the other dick as I started to slowly fuck her. Within a few minutes another knock at the door. Another black guy walked in and whipped out a giant cock. We all gave a chuckle - She was gonna get wore out tonight.

Even though she is a relative newcomer to the hotwife interracial scene this slut has taken to it quickly. Her husband told me she had serviced as many as 5 black bulls in a single session and that she couldn't get enough. Tonight was no different. 3 more of us were going to add to her growing stable of black studs that have marked her pussy.

The rest of the evening, we just took turns with her, pounding her in every position while her little dick husband just stroked himself and filmed. Wherever we put her, whatever we wanted, she smiled and asked for more. It's funny how submissive white wives become during a gangbang. At one point she rode me reverse cowgirl as the two other men stood on the bed and she sucked them both.  Eventually I shot my load of hot cum on her face as she sucked my balls and was getting fucked on her back. I think we all lost count of how many orgasms she had on our black least 8 or 9 before I stopped counting...A sure sign she is addicted to this kind of action.

We took a break then all fucked her again, but by then she had dried cum on her face, chest and matting in her hair. She was quite the service-oriented slut. It's safe to say this hotwife and I will be seeing more of each other. We definitely hit it off and they've already contacted me to meet solo. In fact those plans are being made very soon.  Stay tuned...

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