Monday, October 20, 2014

The Outing

I can't leave out my latest meetings with the couple that is responsible for the most read blog entries. We have met a few more times since this spring, and attempted our first public outing. This was just drive to a local bar for drinks.

I got to their house and she got in the front seat and he in the back. We said out hellos and I pulled my pants back and she knew what that meant. She reached over and worked my dick just like she does when we're at their home. I didn't know where I was going and in those moments didn't really care. She looked and realized we were at a stop light and panicked some but assumed her duties as soon as we were moving again. We arrived and she continued to suck me in the parking lot. What a way to go in for drinks.

We went in had a couple drinks and it was back to their house. I sat down and she sucked me more as I fingered her. She eventually rode my dick for a while and I pulled her off and shot a load of cum on her tits. The outing was just the icebreaker for the next public fun.

VIDEO: Public Outing

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