Monday, October 20, 2014

Nude Beach Icebreaker

This summer I had the great pleasure of crossing paths with "PrittyPussyGirl" in the South FL area. We had been discussing about meeting and finally had our chance. We decided to meet at a nude beach. They had never done that before or at least not with a man she was meeting to fuck.. I'll get to that part in a minute.

We met in the parking lot and she immediately jumped out and kissed me.. I knew we were gonna have fun from that moment on. We went to the beach and hung out. Her husband and I got naked while she got topless (she needed to soak things in for a minute). 

We just hung out and talked about some of our adventures. Eventually she did loose the bottoms and we all decides to go in the water. I was groping her in the water as she reached back and say stroking me hard under the water. We sandwiched her and just fondled her. My hard dick was right at the point of insertion on her and she knew it... Teasing her pussy lips on the tip of my hard dick.
It was interesting seeing the looks of others as we got out of the water and went back to our spot. Some definitely knew what was going on. 

We left went to the room and grabbed showers. She handed me her anal toy and said, "You want to do the honors?" I bent her over and slowly slid in her toy. I took my shower and it was game on.
She has a particular talent for building up a lot of saliva when sucking big dick. This led to bubbles being blown in addition to me. I had gotten her a few things just as a thank you for coming a ways to see me.

I got her on the couch, she hopped on my dick and started riding it deep. I was in the middle of turning her to get on all 4s when it happened. I had an accident.. Haha hey even I'm prone to cum earlier than I would like... I shot a load right on her ass and it slid down her lips. Determined to overcome this shortcoming,  we were right back at it within 15-20 min. She was sucking me hard again and it was time I fucked her ass. I slowly got in with some lube help. What a feeling. Shes such a petite even skinny woman. But boy can she take think black dick in all her holes. She creamed a little from getting used anally. It was a hot scene. I suggested now would be a good time for a DP. They had never done one before. I motioned the husband to lay down she mounted him cowgirl and got him inside her. I then took my place behind her and slowly got back in her tight but stretched out ass. We worker her like a piston in and out back n forth.

We fucked longer and just enjoyed the pleasure. They had some dinner obligations and we parted ways. They're just fun people to talk to and to play with. She is quite the pleaser. A winter rendezvous is in the works.

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