Sunday, June 22, 2014

Taking Her Marital Bed

I apologize for the delay in stories...I got a little burnt out on writing for a while..But rest assured the fun hasn't been taking a backseat.

This entry involves the 2nd meeting with "K". If you recall from the first entry about her, she was a BBC virgin. After some continued conversations, she was ready for her 2nd lesson; but this time I was invited to their home. This was going to be a bareback session and it was her birthday that weekend. So more firsts for her.

I arrived and met them in the kitchen and had a couple drinks and just chatted. She had on a black see-thru outfit, cross stitched thigh-high stockings and fuck me heels. Her tits looked particularly good in this. Eventually, I walked over and got behind her and kissed on her neck and cupped her tits and pressed my growing hard-on in her back.

Their plan was to start off in the living room for round 1. Then take it upstairs after they let their dog out for the night. Who was I to complain, I was the guest.

She got to her knees and went to work on my already hard dick. I immediately began forcing her mouth all the way down on it...She enjoys the gagging and challenge of taking it all. Her husband was there as well warming up her pussy for me ...fingering and licking her clit. Eventually she sat down on me on the sectional.
We slowly worked to ease me back into her tight un-stretched pussy again. If felt good being back inside her again...I know how she moans and enjoys being filled completely...I enjoy an animated woman that really lets her body get fully into it.

We fucked in this position for a while until it was her turn to be on her back on the sectional and take her birthday pounding. We did till she was getting smothered and a bit hot. She rode her husband and while she was I entered her from behind. This was discussed beforehand, and the DV was attempted. The angles were a little tough but I did manage to get in for a few strokes but not long enough to really make her moan. Perhaps we will figure it out next time to really make it work for her.

VIDEO: Taking Her Bed

She ultimately got on her back and sucked on my balls and I released her gift all on her face and in her mouth. We took a break. At this time the NCAA basketball tournament was on watched a bit of that and headed upstairs.

The bedroom provided more of the same. I laid down and she crawled between my legs and sucked on my dick while her husband fucked her from behind. We rolled her over and both were feeding her our dicks. I began slapping her full hanging tits while he fingered her. She smiled and moaned with pleasure. At one point she moaned to me..."Abuse me!" and the slapping continued till her tits got reddish. The evening concluded with her extracting another load from me on her tits, giving them a full glaze and she rubbed all my cream between them with a smile on her face.

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