Sunday, March 16, 2014

Back in the Saddle Again

A lot goes into why you really hit if off with some people. Mutual likes, desires, fantasies, willingness to experiment: these are all factors. Not to mention all the physical elements. Couple weeks ago I had the chance to meet up with a couple who fits all that stuff above.

I have met them more than any other couple and they live no where near me. We have a very open relationship and enjoy the time we share together. Its fun to talk to them and catch up on things. I had not seen them since I began this blog and so far, have vowed not to tell old stories on here...yet.

We met at a place they were familiar with and had a couple drinks and a bite to eat. She had on a jean skirt black boots and white/black top. She looked great and had that cute smile, just as how I expected. She totally enjoys getting the stares at the bar by others that are trying to figure out what is going on. When we are in public she is my date and hubby is the tag along. Its a turn on for her to be viewed by strangers in that role.

We finished up and made our way to their room. I had a gift for her...just an outfit nothing too outlandish.
She put it on and came out and looked great in it with her boots. Lots of sucking and some fucking ensued.
She does not generally enjoy getting pounded hard and deep for a tremendously long time. It was hot seeing my dick back in her mouth stretching it out as she stroked and sucked it.

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We finished up on the couch with her sitting in my lap facing me as i came inside her. She immediately had her cuck husband get on the floor and lay down..she got off of my dick and went to straddle his face. A big thick clump dripped out of of her and landed on his chest during the transition...She moved quick so not to waste any more.

Hubby got to have his after dinner drink and snack as he eagerly awaited the clean out process. It was a great night, fun to see them again. I can promise you this: there will be other updates with these two this year. We have a few things we want to try this summer so stay tuned...You can catch them on twitter.

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