Thursday, February 27, 2014

Double Dose

Well this meeting has been in the works for sometime. I had my eye on Jessi for a while and finally got some time to have a dialog with her. If you take a look at her blog, you will see she has been quite a busy bbc slut. So I knew I needed to make an immediate, favorable impression to gain her attention.
After several emails back and forth, I think we both concluded fairly soon thereafter that we needed to meet. We decided to try and find a date after the holidays. Finally had our date set and I went to meet them.

They arrived and she looked great. Ok she is very short but that's hardly of any concern to me. All the pics I had seen of her came to life...milky white skin and pretty face. Her husband is very talkative (not in a negative way) and easy going. They settled in and made a couple drinks. We talked some and while I learned that she had a trying week, she was the first to get the night going.

I've never been accused of writing too much detail of exactly everything that occurred. You can get all those in her account of our night. She's a much better writer than me. I will say, that for someone that has met a lot of couples, its very easy to tell that this is something they both enjoy and they're detail oriented in the way date night goes. Its nice to see that. Its very much a partnership with them.

Ok Ok you wanna hear about fucking and sucking...right? She kind of warmed things up by taking out my dick and sucking it while we were both relatively clothed. I think she just wanted a taste and make sure everything was just as she had pictured it. I certainly wasn't minding. She is very much a dick worshipper...She makes that good sexy eye contact and really savors working all her skills with her hands, mouth, and tongue.

She then laid out some outfits and got into a pink one. Then low and behold she was on all 4's back into my hard dick teasing me....She then reached back and slid her thong to the side and the head of my dick was teasing her wet lips. She would line it up so that my head was barely going in just an inch or so. I began to smack her pussy lips and clit with my dick hard to get just a little more natural lube on it so she could ease it fully in her.

We then proceeded to fuck in a few positions doggie, scissor, cowgirl. In and around all this was her squirting a few times. I put her on her knees and gave her a thick heavy load of cum all over her face. The load was so thick she had it on her face as her hubby took pics from her knees and even when she stood up my cum didn't move on her face for almost 5 min. It was like someone glued it on her.

She was laying on the bed in her afterglow and after a few minutes rest, I joined her....just from her laying there i started to stiffen up again and eased myself back inside her from the side. This session was a lot harder and a little rougher. I was applying pressure to her throat smacking her ass and pulling on her nipples here and there. Not to mention i went ham on that pussy. She got a heavy dose of me and seemed to enjoy it and take to it. The harder I pounded, it brought out more dirty talk and a desire for her to feel me deep.

This went on for some time. Eventually, I laid her on her back and leaded her head over the edge of the bed and fed my dick into her mouth so she could taste all her juices off my dick. She also sucked on my balls...I pulled it out of her mouth and stroked it hard and fast and put another load on her face and dripped it in her mouth. This greedy bbc slut choked down 2 load of cum over a couple hours. You may have to write her and ask to see those.

Overall such a fun night with Jessi. There are many more things I would enjoy doing to and with her. So hopefully she will give me another opportunity to see her and you guys will hear all about it. And by things, I mean anal and restraints...hahaha .. till next time.

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