Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Time's A Charm

I had the privilege to meet up with a young couple. We checked out each others profile on twitter and began texting. I learned they have really just dabbled in swinging and had just 3 previous mfm, two of them with the same guy. So for the most part, they didn't have a lot of experiences. I would be the first black man she had ever been with.

Race aside, the first two guys they had been with caused different issues for them from a satisfaction and pleasure aspect. I was hoping I could renew their faith in the idea that this can be a drama free and fun experience.

About her...hmmm short but full of curves, pretty face, a few tats and piercings. An all around sexy hot package. We had built up a pretty good level of anticipation. I know from the hubbys perspective, this was something he has been wanting to see for quite some time. I was texting them separately and while the Mrs didn't respond to the level that the Mr did, i was comfortable in her interest and nervousness. Nerves are good for everyone..it shows you're thinking about the encounter and that creates eagerness. Hell I have met a lot of people and I still get nervous every time (even for people that i have met before.)

The day arrives and enter their home and we all have a drink and things are casual. I sit next to her on the couch and she is wearing a pink corset, fishnet thigh highs, boyshorts and boots. Now mind you she was wrapped in a light blanket from the waist down, so at first i didn't know all of the outfit.

The Mrs is clearly nervous and shy but is engaging and candid. It was a little difficult from my perspective on how aggressive to be and I think the Mr sensed that and took away the blanket after she finished her drink. I'm sure she felt exposed but then again that was the plan. She stood up, I stood up and pulled her to me and we began to let out hands roam.

In about 10 seconds I knew she was going to be fine. Once I had hold of her...her demeanor totally changed. I think in that moment she realized there's a reason this black man is in my living room and it isn't to sell magazine subscriptions...Hes here to stretch out my pussy. We faced each other and I towered over her. I reached down slowly and stroked and felt as much of her as i could...ultimately with my hands ending up inside her shorts feeling her wetness...She immediately moaned a little and her hands began to feel my growing bulge.

I'm actually getting hard retelling this...(oops TMI). After a bit more fondling, I just told her to get on her knees which she did without hesitation. She clearly knew what that meant. She took out my dick and stroked it and put it in her mouth. There was no real pause and reflection of this being the first black dick...in the moment it was a hard dick and she knew what to do with it. Now I can describe her oral skills, but even that wont tell the full story. Honestly the first thought that came to mind (and this is not meant to be disrespectful is this is hooker like..in that she does the full technique of circling hands and mouth so good she just wants to get you off quick) side-note..i haven't actually used a hooker...i just saw plenty on HBO...OK there was this Asian massage parlor in Atlanta...anyway....her skills are pro level.

On more than one occasion I had to slow her down. I then put her on the floor and tasted her tight wet pussy. It was a total treat....but even better was how she writhed and moaned lightly. This went on some time including some 69. I finally asked her, "You ready to get fucked?" I doubt she was ready to say yes but we all knew it was time. I sat on the couch and reached for the lube...she straddled me and slowly went down on me.

She lightly gasped and wanted to control how much she took. She allowed herself to get used to me and slowly took a little more....I didn't push back just let her adjust at her own pace. She eventually got to the point of being able to take it all and it felt great. I think we all knew she would be sore the next day but as things heated up...and with the help of lube she was able to take some hard deep pounding at times. The one thing that she was really into was choking. I've dabbled in it and didnt hesitate to grip her throat tight a few times. It was hot fucking her and watching reach for my hands as she turned a bit red. We did many positions, missionary on the couch...reverse cowgirl on the couch and finally doggie on the floor where she got the full brunt of me. I wanted to test her at this point and see how far she had come. The moans and light screams told the story. All the while the mr was around he got oral at times and i knew he was excited this was all happening.

We finished with her on her knees...and back to her fabulous oral skills and within a minute or two she stroked and sucked me to heave a load on her chest and tits...A few minutes later I sat on the couch she got between my legs and continued stroking and sucking me as I was still hard and she was wearing all my cum on her chest. The Mr got behind and pounded her for a few strokes and was ready to burst. She turned on her knees and took his load as well on her chest although his fired past her ear in her hair and on the floor. It was a bit comical. Bottom line this hotwife was covered in cum and that made us all satisfied.

In conclusion I had a great time..It was good to meet them and finally someone local so hopefully there may be more stories about this couple. She really is a sexy pretty woman and has a great little bubble but and perky tits...oh well you'll see...till the next time.

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