Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ahhh Vegas...extended

Sorry for the delay on this. I just been lazy in writing it. So last we left i met the local couple. The next day i had brunch with a vacationing couple that i have met before in both Vegas and Atlantic City.

They live in a small town in the midwest so she only gets to turn into a real slut on vacations. Lucky for me she likes me fucking her. Last year they invited me to stay with them in their suite for a few days.

I met them we ate, talked...lots of small talk. I was exhausted from the previous night and just told them I needed to sleep. They were fine with that and we agreed to rendezvous later that night. They went to a show and came by and picked me up.

Got to their place and had a drink and I sat next to the Mrs. It didn't take long till we were making out and hands were roaming. They had one of those couches that comes out like a twin size bed. It worked really well for our monkey business. I forced her down to get busy on my dick. She eagerly went to work on it. Her moans are priceless. She fully gets into her craft. This is a woman who has been married for over 20 yrs and didn't get into swinging till after their kids were grown. She has a lot of pent-up desires and takes her fucking serious. She has primarily only been with black men but they are now including more couples in their fun.

I wanted to taste her and lifted her up and laid her down...widened her legs and took my liberties licking, sucking, and fingering her tight but soon to be used pussy. It was wet and ready for what she ultimately wanted....I sat up from the floor and it was a good height to slide right in her from the edge of the couch. (I'm 6'5 so proper angles are always an issue at times). I eased inside her as she watched me slowly disappear.

It's a huge turn on for her to watch a black dick go inside her. As i tell her what a whore she is and how here we are again back in the city where she is as big a slut as she wants to be. Fucking strangers (which she did last year), taking on her first mfm with 2 black men, playing with her first woman (both of which i set up) etc. She just nods her head and smiles and moans and repeats it back as i pump away and that eager cunt.

I tell her to wrap her arms around my neck and I pick her up and hold her thighs around my waist...and fuck her standing up and walk her to the bedroom. Mor fucking ensues..

When i first met them she was a no anal girl..but apparently she is easing into it. At a couple different occasions the Mr took some liberties with her ass when it was exposed. I'm sure they had talked among themselves of attempting a DP with me. I was fine with it and fully knew what hole I was getting. She was riding me and as he attempted it...You can always tell a woman who is uncomfortable and not experienced. He got in a few times...but ultimately she wasn't totally feeling it.

Anyway we went back to fucking and sucking. No creampie this finished with me and hubby giving her a facial..she was cum covered. Well most of mine she swallowed.

I could go on and talk about day 2 with them but it was a damn near carbon copy. Same start and same finish...The pics I will share are from day 2. At some point i will put a video clip up of this weekend..just hang in there..

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