Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ahhhh Vegas!

This was all planned out...a quick weekend trip to Vegas. See a local couple that i didn't get to see (well play with) in May and spend a couple nights with a couple i have met a few times that was on their vacation out there. For once, the plans worked out exactly as planned. I thought I would cram this all in one post but figure now I should split them up.

Saturday the plan was to get in...get settled and the local couple was coming by and then we all would go to a quasi swinger get-together at a popular casino. They come by my hotel, we have a couple drinks and talk some. I had met this couple initially via a swinger website and had loosely planned to meet in May. We did meet at a pool party but circumstances kind of killed a late night meeting. So were on the "do-over". I think at some point the Mrs. said we got about 45 min before we should go so we better get busy. I didn't need any more clues and got off my stool and went over to hers. Oh she was wearing a loose top and short denim skirt with no panties. So after some of her sucking me and heavy petting i stripped her down and we headed upstairs (loft style hotel). I devoured her pussy for what seemed like 20 minutes...cause it was that good. I told her I think its time you get fucked and with that put on the condom and went to town on her wet pussy.

We did a few positions and got into it good...She eventually rode me reverse cowgirl...and just kept grinding me out till i came. Ordinarily I would not have let her do that and would have wanted to cum in a fashion i prefer more, but given the time and situation, I didn't stop things. Plus I had a good sense we were gonna fuck again after the get together. We get to the function and I have been there before. Its a good mix of fringe swingers and hard core ones. I run into a single woman that I had fucked a couple times on my May trip. She was there with some other guy so that was cool. Anyway about an hour into us being there I sent the mrs. I was with a text....

So i knew things were going to be OK for the rest of the night. Later at the club she started grinding on me with her short skirt and no panties..making my jeans a bit messy. All in all it was a good night out. We went back to my hotel for round 2. We went at it for a much longer session as she desired which culminated with me cumming on her ample tits. Definitely a Vegas couple id like to see again....

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