Tuesday, July 16, 2013

nikki furlow

To tell about this day, I have to go back to Feb when I first met Nikki. As with many meets, even when relatively local, they don't happen quickly. Sometimes it takes weeks, months, even a year or 2 before it actually happens.

The meet in Feb consisted of her, her husband, and 3 blk men...me being one. I said I wouldn't go into stories from the past, so unless someone asks I'm going to hold myself to that. Lets just say it well enough that they asked if I would meet them again last Saturday.

Ultimately, it ended up being a similar meeting with them and 4 blk men. I was the only one that had been at the Feb meeting. If you think these kinds of meets are easy to put together..you're crazy. I didn't have to but  I know the challenges that couples face trying to make it all happen and go smooth.

I was the first to arrive and Nikki looked as good as last time. Summer is her friend as she was tanned with sexy bikini lines that she didn't have in the winter. She was in a small little v-shaped top no bra and short shorts. The bed had their customary waterproof blanket down and some towels...(umm more on that later). We had a couple drinks and just got caught up on things.

Eventually the Mr. and I sandwiched her, me in back of her and him in front. Hands roaming freely, she manipulated both of us to get us where she wanted. We took it to the couch where the men sat naked and she gleefully got on her knees between us and went to work at one of her excellent skills...dick sucking and ball licking.

I then fucked her from behind while she sucked on her husband. If you're not pounding her hard...shes  not satisfied. When Nikki is in this mood she is insatiable. Its a never ending attempt to satisfy her. You simply cant fuck her hard and deep enough.  The towels got laid down at the couch for the impending waterworks.

We took a break...and I told her I better cum on her now and she was fine with that. I laid her on the bed and had her suck my dick and balls till i was able to stroke my load on her tits. Oh did i mention she had perfect natural breasts for her body?

Over the course of the next 4 or 5 hours...3 more men would show up. And much of what i described continued. She was treated like a common slut and stretched and pounded over and over again...She squirted numerous times to the point of exhaustion at least 10 times.

Overall the guys worked well together and made sure Nikki was the focus at all times. It was great to see her and her husband again...She is a very sexy pretty smart insightful woman. One thing in events like this is there are a lot of naked breaks..we sit around and tell stories and share thoughts..they have lots of good stories.
sorry for the quality but come on ....this is how amateurs work
Next update will be post Vegas..

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