Friday, July 12, 2013

french connection

This couple contacted me well over a year ago via a site. They live in NY and have an interesting background. He is French, she is Taiwanese. Years ago, she was with a black man and he basically tormented her for several years. Even though that time in her life was not very pleasurable, she did take some aspects from it and at least sexually has carried it with her.

We met last fall in Baltimore just for a little while as they were passing through. Nice conversation and so forth. A few things happened for them personally and I really didn't hear from them for a long time. They contacted me a few weeks ago and said they were going to stay in my area for a night and wanted to know if I wanted to meet them.

I got to their hotel and was texted the room number and told to come up. I was greeted by the mr and said hello walked in and she was on the bed in a denim mini skirt, no panties and a loose tank top. I sat down on the bed next to her...and we caught up on things...etc.

Eventually she just said, I wanna see, and began to undo my pants. She was on her knees on the bed and took out my dick and stroked and began to suck it. He husband was sitting on the other side of the king bed watching as i moved her hair to the side so he and i could get a nice view. He began fingering her from behind under her skirt as she sucked on me.

I went down on her freshly shaved pussy and licked and fingered it for a good while. She alternated holding my head still and reaching for her hubby and moaning. Eventually I asked her if she was ready to get fucked. She smiled and nodded her head and said yes. Her hubby gave me some lube as she was tight as drum just from a couple of fingers.  We went very slow at first..easing myself inside her as she advised me to please go slow.

She took several deep breaths and eventually relaxed as i slowly gave her more and went deeper. Being tall sometimes you need props to adequately get deep, so we both thought adding a pillow under her would help cause she was at the point now that she wanted to feel all of me deep. I began to pound her hard with her legs pinned no longer worried about her tight pussy. It was no longer tight. Her husband would ask her if she felt like a slut and she would cry out yes..I asked her if she wanted some more black dick next time she is in town and she said ohhh yes.

We did all the usual positions; she got on top and rode me hard bouncing her small frame with some serious velocity on my hard dick. We finished in doggie as  I again pounded her now gaping pussy from behind. After about an hour of this, I pulled out and turned her around and said are you ready for some cum. She smiled.

I pulled her around and positioned her diagonally at the corner of the bed as i stood over her. I fed her my dick told her to get it wet. I then pulled out and fed my balls and told her to suck them and lick them. What a great feeling. I stroked myself a few times and told her to open wide and shot some thick gobs of seed in her mouth. She took it all down and was very proud of herself.

It was a very enjoyable evening.