Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dirty Vegas...

I have wanted to go to a specific event for a couple years now based on a couple i know that has gone...I've never really been to a big event like this. anyway its couples and single women only so i needed a date. to make a long story short i ended up attending with a wife on a hall pass who lives in CA.

we talked and she would fly there and stay with me for the 3 days. i got in a day early and met up with someone i had tried to on earlier trips there. i met her at a hotel club/bar and ended up back at my hotel..fucking and sucking. next day i go pick up my "date" for the weekend.

There were parties every night and clubs and pool parties during the day. We talked about playing with others ahead of the trip and decided we would just go with the flow. At the pool on Friday a wife approached my date and asked her if she minded us playing. That was a first..i got pimped out..haha..but was fun too.

Overall had a great time...and met some cool people not to mention how beautiful a lot of these women were. i wont get into too many details with this story cause it just was kind of like groundhogs day...same day over and over but i would do this event again.

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