Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Natural Progression

When I first started seeing Mrs. SwingCouple, we had a lot of conversations individually about future meets once we were all comfortable with each other. Last year for them, had some challenges and I certainly understood that and just let things sort themselves out.

Anyway we found some time to meet over the winter and kind of turned in into a two-parter. I met them at their house and immediately hopped in their car and we all took a ride. I had not seen her in a long time and she looked just as good if not better than before. She was in boots and a winter coat with just a tank top and boyshorts underneath (excellent wardrobe for a winter drive). We talked some as he drove and caught up on things. We stopped at a gas station, he exited the car and the talk soon turned to slurping. It was great to feel her oral talents at work once again. It takes her very little time to get me hard.

We bounced around to a few different spots and played a little more with each other. I never get tired of squeezing and exploring her body even in a semi public or cramped setting. Its a real turn-on to get her worked up and want to please.

Back to my opening sentences...this evening though, was about what we were going to do when we got back to their place. This would be the first night I would use her bare and creampie that good pussy. As I said we had talked about this moment several times and positioned things so we could finally make it happen. Different circumstances enter into when/if a couples decides to play this way a someone and we were at that point. She didn't seem any more nervous than usual. I've really tried to make it a point with her to be someone she can trust and relax with. I feel it has definitely been coming through and our last few times we had played.

We got back to their house and she got herself ready and we made our way to the bedroom. She got on the bed and leaned over on her stomach and sucked me mostly and also the Mr. After another warm up, he ate her pussy some and she kept on sucking my dick more. Eventually I flipped her on her back and pulled her legs to me at the edge of the bed. We used a tiny bit of lube just since I had not been inside her in such a long time. I teased the excited lips with the head of my dick and spanked her pierced clit before easing my self inside her. It was an extremely enjoyable feeling doing this with her.

The sensations and mental stimulation of the change is pretty strong and I began to make slow strokes in her and gradually build up to longer harder and deeper ones. She shrieked some and moaned some and that was my que to really work her over. I fucked her missionary for a while to loosen her up good and then we switched and i got on my back and she mounted me. I knew I was in trouble once she did this. I knew she wanted to really get off from this position and she would be riding hard. I was squeezing her tits and lightly putting pressure on her neck and throat and she worked her tight pussy up and down my shaft.

I then cupped her cheeks and helped her work her hips so she could go for broke and not get tired. Of course the faster and harder she worked just brought me to orgasm. I announced I was close and I know her husband was excited to see it. She didn't stop and acknowledged to let loose. And with that, I pumped her pussy full of my cum and she continued to slow grind and fuck me. I could feel it running out of her slowly and down my shaft. We had gone at it pretty good and having that release in her felt awesome.  The Mr. was so worked up from watching the action he jumped in right behind me and pumped her for a couple minutes and also filled her.  The precedent has been set now for all future fun with her to be bare.




  2. How do I watch a shoot with compensation please help

  3. How do I watch a shoot with compensation please help

  4. That was hot, have you got to see her again?

  5. That was hot, have you got to see her again?