Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What happened to the blog?

First off I want to say thank you for all the viewers over the last few years, who have both taken the time to read and enjoy my adventures. This blog as of now is close to 950,000 views; something I couldn't have really imagined when I first started writing it. It would be well over a million views by now if I had kept up with it the last year. As you can see, I haven't been writing lately.

The no. 1 reason, in all honesty....writing burnout and the effort it was taking to put up a story. I know it doesn't seem like much to do, but ill assure you, it takes a lot of time and effort to get to a position where I think its readable. I was also getting frustrated with the video clip hosting issue. It was a constant struggle to find a host I liked and as you can see most of the clips are not there now. "Yeah, yeah, yeah....poor you fucking all these sexy sluts. You must have it so rough.." So what is next? Well after a lot of thought and looking around, I'm going to attempt to move this to a subscription based service/blog. I understand that's not a popular decision for most of the viewers and I don't have any real high goals for it as of now but I will share with you a few reasons for doing it.

The older I get the more motivation I need to turn my reality into written and view-able media. Knowing that people are paying (no matter what amount) is a motivator. Also, I don't have to worry about my content being pulled, reported or be spammed. Lastly, it gives me chance to write about any meetings I want, within reason, specifically older encounters that I choose not to write about in this blog.

So what am I offering? Well, it will be similar to the structure here. I am promising at least 2 stories a month with pictures and hopefully some longer video clips. There could be more, there could be some bonus type of material (some live video possibly now and then..ultimately a little more interactive). I'm well aware that to charge people for something that was once free you have to be offering something more, at least I have to as a guy. Ok so whats this all going to cost? Probably around $7-$9 per month. As I have stated, I don't have high goals initially and its not a second job for me. I'm much more focused on meeting the obligations I'm promising versus how many people subscribe initially.

The subscription would be monthly with no obligation to auto-renew. You want to see what I'm posting the next month, you renew on your own. You don't think its enough, don't like what you see, think its changed for the bad etc., don't renew. I will still have to get some approvals from playmates, friends, etc. Some people feel a little different when some aspects of their life is being put on a pay site, so not everything or everyone you may have seen me associated with before will be on the new site. I may use this site to "tease" the stories on the new site. I haven't exactly worked out the promoting aspect.

I'm looking around early June to start this, its possible it could happen in May. One thing I will say is, I'm not short on stories, nor content. I could go a few years if i never had another adventure. However, having the green light to share stories, etc., even when protecting identities is something I don't have across the board. That's a big deal to me and I have no intention of compromising acquaintances regular lifestyles for my gain. I would shut it down in 5 min if thought that was happening.

 I welcome your feedback about this; you can reach me on twitter or through the blog. Again, I'm humbled by the attention this blog has received and hope to keep it going in a similar fashion.