Thursday, November 13, 2014

Three Hole slut

There's that saying, "Strike when the irons hot." It's definitely being applied by me to the newest couple I've met. After our first meet, they asked when we could meet again but this time just us 3. I know this couple has very active so I didn't hesitate to get back on their schedule. I drove down and met them at their hotel and there she was again.

Her striking features... Tall without heels but in them again.. Bra and thigh highs with no panties. I'm really beginning to enjoy seeing this hotwife couple because they have tremendous energy that comes from both sides and really want me to enhance their experiences. She really wants to just submit to me when we meet and have her cuckold submit and do as he's told. They have both spoke of their desire for me to see her solo in the future as well. But back to this day.

We caught up some and talked about the trips we were going to take. I gave her a token of appreciation as well. She enjoys that aspect of undressing her stud and showing that's she's there to submit and wants to be used. She got on her knees and began to suck me taking as much of me in her mouth as she could. She has expressed more desire in learning to be face fucked and working on her gag reflex... Haha ask yourself guys, when's the last time a woman has said help me with this? I then put her in 69 and love to taste her. I also know now I can make her cum in this position. As I hear her moans as she's sucking my dick I can tell she's going to cum. I keep at this for a while pumping my dick in her mouth the whole while. I then get her up and take her to the chair. I sit in it and turn her back to me and slowly have her ease down on my bare dick. Once inside I open her legs and have them rest on my thighs. I slowly ease in and out of her..feeling my dick get wet from her juices. I whisper to her don't you want that cuckold to lick you. She motions him over and he's gets on his knees.. And he's presented with my shaft and her lips and clit. He knows his job at this point and does his duty. She praised him for doing a good job and we got up and I laid her on the bed.

I stayed on the floor and fucked her missionary for sometime getting my rhythm inside her walls. All the while I'm lightly pinching her nipples and asking her where she wants my cum. Mind you this is also our first encounter playing bare. As a side note I just want you guys to know I do get tested regularly and actually share those results with others. She was getting fucked harder and deeper so in the moment she was a bit unsure. I knew that the last time we met no one attempted to invade her ass. I wasn't going to let that orifice get past me this time. I told her I wanted to fuck her ass and she was more than accommodating.

We paused briefly and I asked her what position works best for her and if course she deferred to me. I had her get on all 4s and present that ass to me. I gave her cuckold some great picture opportunities to take of me entering her and sodomizing her. I slid in her quite easily relatively speaking. She had done some adequate prep before I arrived, so clearly she expected it to happen. As I began to fuck her deeper and with more rhythm. she moaned how good it felt and how much she enjoys it. I could feel myself getting closer to cumming and told her I heard you've never had a black dick cum in your ass. She acknowledged that was true. I told her today we will have a first for you and I'll be the giver. I pumped as hard as I could thrusting deep in her ass and ultimately released lots of black seed deep in her used gaped asshole. I remained still until I emptied all I could in her.

I recall her cuckold asking could she feel it shooting in her and she replied hell yes. It felt great to experience that with her. After I pulled away, she immediately summoned him over to give her the pleasure and slight humiliation of burying his face nose and tongue deep in her ass and pussy and cleaning her fresh anal creampie up. He seemed very resigned to this chore and did so without hesitation. I watched her reach back and push on the back of his head to ensure he fully complied. She was spent and schedules dictated we cut the visit somewhat short. She is now firmly fixed in my rotation as a wife I want to continue to see and violate.

Oreo Doublestuff

When you meet newcomers to this scene and quite honestly that hasn't happened to me all that often, it's a real pleasure to see a hotwife's growth. Whether it be through extra encouragement from the husband, just her own desires, confidence and personality taking over, or combination of their mutual fantasies. I've written a few posts (2nd one) on this couple and you can see how things have progressed. It's been a fun ride.

Just to recap: I was her first black man, I used her amazing pussy bare after, then I recently came inside her for the first time (I haven't posted that one yet). So as I said the journey has been awesome. So what's next? Well her first time with two black men of course. It's always a positive to hear directly from the Mrs. at times, because it makes you feel like you're hearing her true desires. Don't get me wrong, all couples have their way of operating and I never want to interfere with that. Mostly for me it's just a mental boost that she's an independent thinker when it comes to this and is getting more comfortable with me and becoming more trusting. Where am I going with all this? Well they both expressed interest in taking things to another level in terms of her growing as a black dick slut and hotwife. So of course I'll try and help.

I said I would work to set something up locally if they can get up here and present a couple options in terms of another guy along with myself. I reached out to a guy I had never met but knew of and felt comfortable that he could fit right in. So they were happy with him and set a date and got a location. Boom it was on. Now these things don't always just go off with no problems. In all honesty, the thought vs. the reality hit her and she backed out. She then wrote me back and wanted to reach out to the other guy which she did and got back on the saddle. Whew! crisis averted. They both deserve a lot of credit for pushing through the nerves and concerns and unknowns. This was another huge step for them. We all met out for drinks and she looked great. Her tits are natural and big but they looked huge in her dress with a bit of a plunging neck line. It was also my first chance at meeting the other guy. We all had good conversation and I knew she was gonna need a little liquid courage. We left the bar and walked to their hotel. It's always a scene to see a couple well white wife walking among two black men at night into a hotel. Hahaha you get the visual.

We got to the room and she immediately ducked into the bathroom and changed. She came out looking sexy and fully committed to making this happen. She likes to get those pants off and go to work when she's hungry and now she had two meals to handle. The events that transpire go in waves... fast and furious, then lulls, then some one on one..the tempo always is switching. The first image I remember is the new guy sitting on the bed, her leaning over at the waist sucking him and I was behind her smacking her ass with my hand and dick.. fingering her too. She had heels on so when she bent over to suck him her sopping wet pussy was just rubbing on my hard dick. She could feel but not see it and she was maneuvering back on it. She was so wet it, the head was sliding inside her with virtually no effort. I knew at that moment she had gotten in her slut zone. I know for me it was a treat cause I've seen her when this happens. I can only imagine how the husband's mind was getting blown in that moment too. His wife of many years, his love, his partner, who basically no one on earth knows this about them but a couple people, is about to the spit roasted by two bare big black dicks. We must of fucked her for around two hours or so taking turns, double teaming... She became our white fuck doll for the night. The husband joined in at times..., but confessed to me later he didn't really know how to fit in, much less want to miss what he says seeing. She took several loads on her face, mouth, tits, chest, stomach, and on her pussy. She got severely gaped and stretched. Once I went for the lube I knew she was wearing down a bit.. And in all honesty, it was the other guy that took no prisoners with her mouth and and pussy. I actually took several minutes to just watch her myself.

There were times when she took a break and never got dressed. She just sat there collecting herself naked and used looking a hot mess, waiting for the next dick. I felt like a coach seeing his team execute the game plan and WIN! Oh did I mention she squirted all over the place multiple times too. It's been a pleasure to know these two and be able to catch them in their "infancy". I hope there will be more fun times going forward.