Sunday, December 7, 2014

Double trouble

I went up to visit a couple I had seen once before, as we had been in contact for quite some time via mutual friends. I talk with both couples often and we all have good relationships. The plan was to meet them out and it was possible the mutual friends would show up as well. All 5 of us met out at a bar for a couple drinks. Now how the evening would play out was totally unpredictable and in some way added to the excitement.

Both the wives looked great as usual and were casually dressed but still sexy to me in their own rights. It was actually funny, as we left deciding on who was riding with whom. OK follow along... Oh a side note both the husbands are tremendous voyeurs and have growing cuckold tendencies. It ended up I was in the backseat with the Mr driving me and the other wife... While his wife rode back to the hotel with the other husband... Haha I told you they were mutual friends.

He would take peeks in the rear view mirror of her stroking and sucking me and probably all the while turned on by those visuals, wondering what his wife was doing in the other car to the other husband. We eventually all arrived at the room and relaxed. I went over to the wife I had planned to see and began groping her and the other couple who I have seem many times decided they would play the voyeur role and take in what would turn out to be a live sex show for them. I had never been in a situation quite like this and just rolled with it. I sat her on the bed and stood over her as she undid my pants. She began to suck me as her husband and the other couple watched. I had a feeling before too long the other mrs would get worked up and bit and had to get in the game. She came over and politely asked her if she could share. Ummm que head explosion... lol. She obliged and within a minute I was feeling and seeing the pleasure of two hotwives sucking my dick and balls. I have had that experience only 2 other times and this by far trumped those for lots of reasons. This went on for a few minutes and everyone was getting turned on in the room.

Eventually the other wife gave way and rejoined her husband to watch the show. At one point one of the wives made a gleeful plea out to both the husbands if they wanted to help them both in servicing this black dick. Shyness took over and they just took their rightful places gawking and taking pics. I stripped down and then stripped the mrs down on the bed. She wasn't really sure what all was going to happen either but seemed to settle in on the notion that I was going to use her in front of the other 3 there. Any nervousness went away fast as I had her naked and began to vigorously finger her pussy. She then knew exactly what to do and how to react. It then became just me and her fucking and sucking like we had a few months before. She laid on her stomach and sucked me as I stood next to the bed and then I rolled her on her back for more of the same. I throat gagged her and fucked her face hard. She enjoys being used in that fashion. I looked over and the other couple was astonished at how much facial abuse she was enjoying.

I then spread her legs and began fucking her missionary. Then got her on all 4's and worked her pussy hard till she squirted all over me and the bed. This too was not something the other couple sees much and again really turned then on to watch. We kept at it for a while till I eventually laid her on her back sat my balls on her face and came on her face and dripped my cum in her mouth. It was a very sexually charged scene to say the least. I really appreciate the other couple for understanding and just enjoying being there. More posts on the other couple will be coming. Also I just wanted to mention this wife will have reasons to be in my town here and there this winter.. Some of which solo so there will be more adventures with her. We actually met since this night in a totally vanilla atmosphere very briefly and it took a tremendous amount of will power to not attack her. We both have definite desires to see more of each other with and without her husband.. Who by the way is in complete support of his wife becoming more and more of a black dick slut.

VIDEO: Showtime

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