Thursday, January 9, 2014

Getting It In Before Xmas

Sorry for the delay in posting this. Got to get in a session with the local couple I have seen quite a few times lately just before the holiday rush. I wont go into tremendous details with this post but i'll share a few details.

I arrived at their house and the Mrs was in black thigh highs and a purple one piece type dress. She looked great and of course no panties or bra..always a welcome touch. She went to work as usual sucking my dick as only she can...full effort and with wreckless abandon. I had to slow her down a couple times...although I think she enjoys knowing she has that ability to make a man cum just from her oral talents.

short video

The Mr left us alone here and there. He enjoys the idea of walking in on her being the slut she can be.
Anyway after her jaws got a good workout, I had her mount me and slowly ease her down on me. She always thinks the worst about whats going to happen to her tight little pussy when she knows im about to fuck her.

I took it slow and took time reintroducing her to my dick. But like always soon thereafter she is taking the pounding that she enjoys. It always a good feeling being inside her. Mostly cause I know I can get her to squirt and cum from riding me. Ok and maybe the fact that she moans and lets me know how much damage im doing to her in a good way.

We fucked for a good while and when I wanted to cum, uggh I couldnt. All that stopping and starting had thrown off my timing a bit. But have no fear, Im fortunate to have a non quitter on my hands. I think she figured I put in all this work im getting my reward and satisfaction.
She went back to work sucking and sucking and eventually boom she got a hot facial in the end. All in all another fun hot fuck session with these two.

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  1. Love your blog, hope you don't mind that I linked it to my blog in our links section. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures!