Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Return of Nikki Furlow

As stated in the first entry of Nikki, they only have these sessions a couple times a year. They aren't as easy as you would think to put together and they take a lot out of Nikki. This was their 2nd and last group event this year and am privileged to say, I was the only one that has been invited to their last 3 events.

Some people differ on what constitutes a gangbang. How many dicks does it take to make one? "Gangbang" sounds way more hard core. So there better be an appropriate number of dicks ....right? But I feel comfortable in saying if you take 5 different dicks over 3 - 4 hours, that's a gangbang.

They met 2 new guys out for drinks early just to get a feel for them. I got a text from the Mr. saying things were going well and that he liked the guys. I met them later at the hotel. She answered the door naked, well draped in flag/towel and knee hi boots. It was good to see Nikki again. Shes very cute and has a great personality. Shes curious about everything. She was having some wine talking to everyone its a rule of hers... she likes everyone naked ....Nothing had started yet....but it was about to.

The 2 new guys were anxious to sample nikki, so i didnt get in their way. They were already hard with her just bouncing around the room and some light touching going on. The waterproof blanket was down and she was on it...knees in the air and a dick in her mouth. Just like time!

All the things you think go on are going on....shes getting pounded and sucking dick. It is interesting to see how other guys fuck. We all have our different go to positions and how we're positioned comfortably. We're all different sometimes it comical. We're just tossing her where we need her and adjusting. It happens a lot. But in the moment shes in pleasing mood and just wants to get fucked hard. So she is more than happy to oblige.

So lots of fucking and sucking just like last time....a ton of squirting from Nikki. Her husband always manages to sneak in a few strokes now and then when guys are switching or moving. At some point the Mr. and I did do a DV (double vagina) on Nikki. She rode him cowgirl and i got behind her in doggie. We all had been fucking her so she was good and prepared for this. Hes average size and I slid in with a little effort. She gasped slightly and moaned as i did short strokes so he could also stay inside her. It felt good...

We did 2 rounds of fucking and Nikki was gushing and squirting all over all of us and we finished that round by 3 of us cumming on her tits...and 1 guy cumming on her ass. It was hot seeing all that cum on her tits. She loves it.

The conversations that go on when your naked and recouping are hilarious. Sometimes its about sex A lot of times they are not...Being that she does these kind of evenings with only black men, its interesting to say the least. One guy had to leave unexpectedly, but another was scheduled to show up anyway so back to the fun.

Oh did i mention she loves sucking balls..I got warmed up by straddling her chest and feeding my dick in her mouth as someone else was fucking her...i'm not sure who but i think they took turns. In getting me hard again this also kept her mouth occupied so her screams and moans weren't too loud ...Occasionally she got loud and we would have to stuff dick in her mouth. 2 of the guys that showed were definitely bigger and thicker than Nikki got a real workout down below...she could barely keep these guys in her mouth for long too.

Needless to say it was a good night. We finished round 4 with the same ending 3 of us cumming on her tits again and the other guy cumming on her back/ass.. 8 loads of cum from 5 men made Nikki all smiles again.


  1. Personally I think a gangbang is at least 3 guys and a girl. With two its just a MMF threesome. But taking 5-6 cocks in small groups should also be considered as one also. I have discovered its very hard for a woman to cover more than 3 guys, so its best in smaller groups. But just once, just once,... I wanna take on 4 or 5 guys at one time. And just be totally dominated. Its a fantasy I hope to make a reality someday.

  2. well i may have to get you up my way...but i could try and help you with that...wayyy down the road...first things first...thank you for the comment