Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dicktation....After Hours

The latest meeting with the local couple I have seen frequently was a bit of an afterthought. I had just got back into town and anticipated I wouldn't have time nor energy to meet up. Being that had changed, I texted them as soon as I got back just to see. I had missed digging up in the Mrs. She was up for it, he is always up for it, so we were on.

Then I got this text from about adding a few wrinkles. Suffice to say, he asked me to show up at an address in business casual attire. This had evolved from an attempt at some public fun. We had bad weather coming and were trying to get in something before it hit. Anyway I showed up, he met me outside and walked me in.

Not to get in to specifics but it was his place of work and in a very commercial location. I walked into an office and there was the Mrs. in a gray top, pink bra, short skirt, thigh highs, boots and most importantly, no panties.

Oh did I say the Mrs., I meant our "secretary". It was year end and time for her review. She felt like she had been doing a good job this year, but ultimately her performance evaluation was in my hands Sure I could have gone over the evaluation that was in writing, but given her talents, I felt it best if she demonstrated just how good she was at nailing her evaluation.

I sat down in my chair and her mouth was eager to explain why she felt this was a good year for her. Only this didn't involve her talking...just SUCKING. I was encouraged by her work from her knees but felt that I needed a further demonstration of her abilities, from a seated position and on all 4's.

I turned her around and had her sit on my now hard dick. She was eager to work her hips up and down on it slowly once she was used to the size and thickness. I then put her on the desk and mounted her fine ass from the rear and really let her have it doggiestyle...It was at that point I felt like she had done an excellent job and was very inclined to give her a ringing recommendation.

VIDEO:    Office Evaluation

After we finished, she was checking herself in the mirror and I said, "What are you doing that for arent you just going home?" She replied..very matter of factly, "Oh no we have to go TARGET." Hahahaha got to love it, even after that still a milf and hotwife.

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