Saturday, September 21, 2013

Yeah, I went back for more

A bbc virgin no more, she invited me back to scene of her deflowering. I've talk to the Mr. and Mrs. separately fairly frequently and feel that this is the type of situation they have wanted. A guy they can trust, be reliable and help the Mrs. feel comfortable around. She's very shy in person, but I've learned that cracking those nuts can provide the most pleasure. No matter what, at the end of the day, delivering a proper fucking and experience is what gets you a call back.

The second meeting took place recently and other than us playing in a different room the evening went very similar to our first encounter.  She was in a jean skirt, no panties and a teal top no bra. Dressed down a bit but still sexy. She is getting a little more relaxed with me and expressive. I like that she can now just talk to me and text me like I'm not just gonna pulverize her pussy but just a guy she knows. I think its important in having her at ease with me.

We talked had a drink and the Mr. asked her if she wanted her gift. They both knew I had gotten her something and courtesy of WDEZINES it arrived just in time.  I reached in my bag and she was standing up. I came up behind her and gripped her from behind. I then dressed her, lowering some boyshorts down to her feet for her to step into.

She got in them and I pulled them up. She remarked how soft they felt and that they fit good. Pics will be below, but i guess this makes it official. I think she is getting bit by the BBC bug. We all retired to the bedroom and she sat on the bed as I stood in front of her. With me being 6'5 and her being 5'2, she's pretty much where her hands and mouth need to be when sitting.

She took my pants down and pulled out my dick and began sucking on it and stoking it. Again she is an expert at the art of sucking dick. I eventually got her on her back on the bed...stripped her jean skirt off and new panties and began to devour her hungry wet pussy. Then i hung her head over the edge of the bed and fed her my dick. We were in a 69 with me on top face fucking her. She took me on like a champ and didn't budge when i began pumping her hot mouth.

More of the same from last time ensued. Me slowly entering her and eventually the slut in her comes out and is very accepting of her impending pussy pounding. She mounted me and rode my dick out and grinded her hips, working her ass up and down it. All of that work takes a toll on her and boom...she squirts over my dick.  It's a wonderful feeling of that hot liquid showering down on your shaft and balls in the moment. We fucked in numerous positions and again she was a bit wore out and I told her it was time to take my cum. She assumed the position (on her knees) wait she may have just sat on the edge of the bed. Shit, I don't remember.

She stroked me until I released my heavy load all over her tits. We had talked about a facial ahead of meeting but she was a bit worried that I would get it in her eyes. These are the kinds of things that familiarity overcomes. I predict a facial from me in her near future. Sounds presumptuous huh. Well date #3 is already set...So there

I know my grammar isn't perfect; Hey I'm just telling fuck tales so just deal with it please.


  1. Hot post and such a naughty gift...very creative!

  2. thank wouldnt it be a treat to have sienna in a pair of those one day