Saturday, September 21, 2013

Go West Young...Err Old Man...

I just went out west to see someone I met off a swinger site and spent the weekend with her. She is in her later 20's, exotic looking, curvy, pretty, and has great tits. She is a really nice person and to the best of my knowledge had not had any action in a while for a variety of circumstances. This trip had been set up for quite some time and we had been texting back and forth for a while.

There isn't that much to describe I suppose. For whatever reason we did not take pictures even though we did discuss that. But we did fuck and suck a lot. I ended up cumming inside her twice. She has some fantasies I'm looking into exploring with her and she is very good at sucking dick. She is the wet spit filled sloppy bj kind of girl. Anyone that's been in an extended oral session will tell wet and sloppy go a long way.

I hadn't spent the night with someone in quite some time to be honest and it was a nice feeling to have that even if it was just for a couple nights...Oh the being able to slide right inside her when I woke up didn't hurt either. Sorry this story isn't full of details. Sometimes with single women i feel the need to keep some things private and or am not sure what all to share. Getting her to visit me is in the works, so she could pop up again.

On a side note she does do webcam shows on a commercial site so if you are interested in checking her out you will just have to get a hold of me privately.

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  1. what is her name? i found few videos of her