Friday, October 11, 2013

Visit From South of the Border

Sometimes plans to meet never go as expected and sometimes plans just never materialize at all for a variety of reasons. Then there is that rare occasion. Enter a nice couple from mexico, and things totally can exceed your expectations.  They contacted me and stated they were coming into town for work. We went back and forth quite a bit and I learned they had NEVER really had a swinging type of experience but were curious to experiment. They confessed they were quite nervous and actually I believed they would probably decline meeting.

It was their last night in town and the weather was terrible so they stayed at their hotel. Finally, I got a message saying they wanted me to come by. They made it clear on expectations (which were minimal) and that they would be comfortable just getting a drink and talking. I was fine with this and agreed to come by where they were staying. I try not to have blanket rules on people, rather take each situation as its own unique opportunity and access it at that. They seemed very genuine and courteous which I appreciated. I felt like why not, they're close by and what do I have to lose just in saying hello. It was a big step for them and I didn't want to discourage them from any future endeavors by not at least meeting them. We all have to begin somewhere.

I got to the lounge and wow (I'll call her B) B looked great. She had on this white see-thru shirt with a black sweater, black stretchy type yoga pants and black boots.  Her body is pretty phenomenal. And she is as pretty as the body indicates. We talked a good deal and I could tell she was a little nervous. She didn't do a lot of talking but I did like when she asked any questions. For the most part they understood all of my English, at least the important stuff. That moment of truth came when I was asked if I wanted to join them in their room.

We get to the room, B went to the bathroom and came out. I pulled her toward me and had her sit on my thigh in a chair. I slowly rubbed her arms and back and shoulders. I just wanted her to relax and that seemed to help because she immediately began to rub my other thigh and chest. She had no bra on. I wasn't sure if she took it off in the bathroom or was that way when we met. I had no idea at this point what was on her mind or how far she would want to go but I just took it all in stride. This went on for a few minutes and she decided to stand up on her own. I got a good idea at this point where we were headed.

We stood and I turned her around to face her husband and I cupped her breasts in and out of her top and rubbed her nipples, kissed her neck. She slid her hands down and began rubbing me through my jeans and realized I was getting hard. She then turned and faced me and dropped to her knees. She asked if she could open my pants (like that was necessary). She got them down and took my dick out and put her lips on it....It was a great warm feeling. She does everything soft. Strokes, sucks, licks. Its a nice change of pace for me. This turned out to be about a 40 minute suck-a-thon from her. Me standing, me sitting, her being fed on the bed, her hubby joining in for a double suck: back and forth and simultaneously.  She could not take all of me in her mouth but more than made up for it in her skills. Also of note, it was very clear that in her world sucking dick includes sucking balls too..its a package deal for her. That really felt great.

I told her I can cum whenever she wanted me to. Eventually she was wanting it and I asked where. She proclaimed she liked it on her face. Another bonus! I positioned her on the bed with her head at a corner, straddled it and stroked as she continued to suck my balls. The hubby was right there stroking as well. I came and dropped my cum on her pretty face and mouth and not 20 seconds later he did as well. It was hard to see her face anymore as it was literally covered in cum. I think she really enjoyed the idea that she could be please both men to completion. It was important to her that she did her job well and was rewarded.

I hope their first experience went well enough for them to have more in the future and again I was blown away by the events that took place given how things were transpiring throughout the week. It was totally unexpected. I'm sure they had a lot to talk about and smile about on their long flight back to Mexico early that next morning. Everything about them was great. I especially enjoyed B's special talents and abilities shes wonderful to be with and her husband is a very lucky man.


  1. Very hot story! That was cool the way you eased into and everyone was very comfortable. Enjoyed the details you shared as well...could almost feel the energy in the room and the finale!

  2. well thank you..the unknown provides a high energy used to knowing whats going to happen for the most was exciting..glad you enjoyed it

  3. I agree, hot story and a nice way to ease into something new! ;)
    I wonder what their next adventure will be? Will they want more...or was it enough...

  4. well thank you for your comment...and im 100% sure they are just getting started. I would like to think I helped provide them a good starting point. We have talked a few times since and will continue to do so. They both want more...