Monday, January 12, 2015

Downward Doggie with Yogahotwife

So I recently had the tremendous opportunity to meet YHW and her husband. This had been in the works for quite a while and was well worth the wait. They are a true hotwife / cuckold couple and live the lifestyle even when they do not meet others. We decided to meet on day 1 and they came to see me.
YHW is an exceptionally pretty woman and has a great smile. We all talked some and I did notice they both look tired. She apologized profusely about that, and explained they both had a trying day.
It was still nice of them to come see me and just have a social visit. We just had some general conversation among the 3 of us. I don't think any of it involved sex. The next day I got a text from her saying they were on their way and she felt refreshed.

They came in and she dropped her things and within minutes her and I were making out. She has very soft lips and kisses great. It wasn't long before she was on her knees asking to suck my dick.She is a very patient and methodical hotwife...savoring all the moments...its a nice experience. After feeling her mouth and tongue worshiping my dick and balls she summoned her cuckold over for him to do similar. She took tremendous pleasure in seeing that.

She had him get naked and come over to us. He of course was locked in his cage. She wanted to show me why a man like me was needed at times in her life. "You have the kind of dick I need, not him", she proclaimed. I stripped her down and laid her on the couch. I wanted to taste her. I spread her legs and began licking her and she more than complied by nearly bending her legs up to her head to give me full access to licking her ass and pussy. I then got on over her and returned the favor feeding her my dick and balls again.

I wanted to relax her and get her more comfortable and by her light moans I felt it was helping.
I had her mount me on the couch and teased her pussy some and slowly allowed her to sit down on my dick. She felt so tight as i slowly allowed her to feel more of my size inside her. We took it slow and built up to her riding me and taking me deeper. She commented how her husband could never get that deep in her from any position.

We took a small break as she expressed she wanted her cuck hubby to eat her as she sucked more on me. We retired to the bed to do all this. This went on for a few minutes and since hubby is no longer allowed to use his dick with YHW he has become well adept at using his tongue on her. Within minutes she was screaming and moaning and writhing around. She choked more of my dick down to keep her screams suppressed a bit. It was hot watching her in this uncontrollable state.

They got in 69 with hubby on the bottom and I mounted her from behind to fuck her in doggie position. This have her cuck hubby a prime viewing and licking spot as i continued to stretch out her now well used pussy. She was so happy at his performance today she did a rarity and released him from his cage. She keeps his key around her neck at all times.

At this point, I was more than ready to finish and began pumping harder. There's nothing quite like hearing her say, "Fill me with your cum!" At which point I unloaded inside her deep and complied with her request. I pulled out and left hubby to do what he is usually commanded to do and this is clean up all the cum I just dumped in her. It took a few minutes for gravity to take over and provide him with some protein lunch. Myself and YHW then sat on the bed in each others arms and he was at the foot of the bed as she allowed him to jerk himself off and cum on his chest. She thought it was humorous for him to get all these rare treats as we watched and laughed as he pumped away at his inferior dick. He hadn't cum in quite some time and shot massive amounts of cum all over himself.

VIDEO: YHW filled and cleaned

It was a great day with this couple. Just a note here: To all the viewers who think a cuckold is a weak small dicked husband/boyfriend type, you really don't fully grasp the dynamic. You actually need to be really mentally tough to live this way, its definitely not for all who think its paradise. YHW is a pleasure to know and be around. As a couple they are a great team and clearly love each other to death. Also just being around them makes you want to be more open about your life. They are truly living how they want to and aren't that concerned who knows it and may or may not like it. I hope to see them many more times in the future.

By all means check our their media outlets at her tumblr and his tumblr