Friday, October 2, 2015

Bored She Is Not

OK so I've been one of the very fortunate men to have met Boredwife multiple times. I originally wrote about our first encounter and I got about half way through that blog post and stopped. I can't really tell you nor remember why. So in an effort not to write 2 entries about the same woman back to back I'll combine the two. The first time is always special so I'll focus a lot on that.

We had been talking for some time and the buildup had been great. I wanted to make things as easy as possible to see her and went to near where she resides to have our playtime. I can tell you this her online persona is exactly as it is in the bed. She does not hold back and is truly in it for the pleasure and pleasing. Her and her husband met me, and I could tell right away things were going to be fine. I know I've mentioned this before but it's true, I have some of the best conversations just going back and forth about the lifestyle with others.

She's a beautiful woman and was in all black sexy from head to toe. We sat and had a few drinks. At one point her husband got up and it was our que to get a little more touchy feely. We were kissing and letting our hands roam, when I believe she was ready to take things to the bed. Of course we never got that far as she dropped to her knees and lowered my pants and began to suck on my dick at the side of the bed. She was very comfortable in this position as she began fucking her mouth and using no hands to take me deep. I then put her on the bed and tasted all her goodness for quite some time. It was hot to feel her body move slightly with each luck of her shaved smooth pussy.

I eventually eased my dick inside her and it slid in with ease. She was more than ready for it and immediately began to say how good it felt. We began to instantly have rhythm and before long she was taking all of me hard deep and fast. This went on for quite some time and we did a variety of positions. All I could think of after this was wanting to fill get hungry pussy with my cum.We actually never really discussed a creampie beforehand so being the first time I opted to not do that with her and instead pulled out and put her on her back. I leaned her head over the bed and had her suck my dick and balls furiously till I was emptied my first load on her face and in her mouth. She greedily took it all and drained the tip like a siphon.

We took a break, had a little more to drink, and were back at it. Sucking and fucking till I mentioned that her husband was being left out. I sent her over to him and she took his dick out and she began to suck him. I sat back and watch her as she truly took on her hotwife role and began to talk to him and tell him how easy it was suck all of his little dick and how he had been such a good cuckold and deserved some attention. He began to really get off on it and was happy to get some oral attention. I was stroking near by and eventually came over to cut in on his fun. Within a couple minutes we both took turns cumming in her mouth. It was a hot scene as she took two load back to back and had a coy grin with her chin all glazed. Needless to say it was a great first meet with them.

The second meeting went very similar to the first except we were so much more comfortable with each other. We talked a good bit before and she went a changed into a blue full length body stocking. She looked phenomenal in it. We did all the expected fucking and sucking. I just slid her thong to the side and went at her pussy hard. This time though there was no hesitation as to where my first load was going to go. I gave her a full deep creampie. She loved receiving all my cum in her pussy.

We took a break and she changed into her other outfit. She came out in a black bra n panty set that was very skin friendly and these really sexy black and tan fuck me heels. And fuck her I did.

She did tell me prior to meeting this time that she wanted some comparison pics with her husband. So I took this time to oblige her.

She really was turned to have us both in her hands to see the up close and side by side. I think it's just a little mental reaffirmation of why she needs to have the kind of fun she desires. He understands this and was a good sport the entire time. Eventually his dick only got a little attention in that moment and she continued on with mine. We had a similar finish with us both being sucked by her and I eventually unloaded on her face and mouth. It so hot seeing her with my cum on her face. She was savoring it all and slid it all in her mouth after a minute or so. It was another awesome meet with her, so good that meeting number 3 is on the horizon. She can be very addicting. Make sure you give them follows on Twitter.



  1. Hey blkmn4fun, new to the blog and just wanted to say i will defiantly be following along after reading a few of your posts

    C (Husband of a happy hotwife)

  2. wow. That comparison pic is something my wife loves to do! She always looks up and me and says - "Sorry dear".

    1. Sounds like she's a size queen. Tell us more

  3. I'd get bored with that small cock real fast aswell

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