Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ahhhh Vegas!

This was all planned out...a quick weekend trip to Vegas. See a local couple that i didn't get to see (well play with) in May and spend a couple nights with a couple i have met a few times that was on their vacation out there. For once, the plans worked out exactly as planned. I thought I would cram this all in one post but figure now I should split them up.

Saturday the plan was to get in...get settled and the local couple was coming by and then we all would go to a quasi swinger get-together at a popular casino. They come by my hotel, we have a couple drinks and talk some. I had met this couple initially via a swinger website and had loosely planned to meet in May. We did meet at a pool party but circumstances kind of killed a late night meeting. So were on the "do-over". I think at some point the Mrs. said we got about 45 min before we should go so we better get busy. I didn't need any more clues and got off my stool and went over to hers. Oh she was wearing a loose top and short denim skirt with no panties. So after some of her sucking me and heavy petting i stripped her down and we headed upstairs (loft style hotel). I devoured her pussy for what seemed like 20 minutes...cause it was that good. I told her I think its time you get fucked and with that put on the condom and went to town on her wet pussy.

We did a few positions and got into it good...She eventually rode me reverse cowgirl...and just kept grinding me out till i came. Ordinarily I would not have let her do that and would have wanted to cum in a fashion i prefer more, but given the time and situation, I didn't stop things. Plus I had a good sense we were gonna fuck again after the get together. We get to the function and I have been there before. Its a good mix of fringe swingers and hard core ones. I run into a single woman that I had fucked a couple times on my May trip. She was there with some other guy so that was cool. Anyway about an hour into us being there I sent the mrs. I was with a text....

So i knew things were going to be OK for the rest of the night. Later at the club she started grinding on me with her short skirt and no panties..making my jeans a bit messy. All in all it was a good night out. We went back to my hotel for round 2. We went at it for a much longer session as she desired which culminated with me cumming on her ample tits. Definitely a Vegas couple id like to see again....

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

nikki furlow

To tell about this day, I have to go back to Feb when I first met Nikki. As with many meets, even when relatively local, they don't happen quickly. Sometimes it takes weeks, months, even a year or 2 before it actually happens.

The meet in Feb consisted of her, her husband, and 3 blk being one. I said I wouldn't go into stories from the past, so unless someone asks I'm going to hold myself to that. Lets just say it well enough that they asked if I would meet them again last Saturday.

Ultimately, it ended up being a similar meeting with them and 4 blk men. I was the only one that had been at the Feb meeting. If you think these kinds of meets are easy to put're crazy. I didn't have to but  I know the challenges that couples face trying to make it all happen and go smooth.

I was the first to arrive and Nikki looked as good as last time. Summer is her friend as she was tanned with sexy bikini lines that she didn't have in the winter. She was in a small little v-shaped top no bra and short shorts. The bed had their customary waterproof blanket down and some towels...(umm more on that later). We had a couple drinks and just got caught up on things.

Eventually the Mr. and I sandwiched her, me in back of her and him in front. Hands roaming freely, she manipulated both of us to get us where she wanted. We took it to the couch where the men sat naked and she gleefully got on her knees between us and went to work at one of her excellent skills...dick sucking and ball licking.

I then fucked her from behind while she sucked on her husband. If you're not pounding her hard...shes  not satisfied. When Nikki is in this mood she is insatiable. Its a never ending attempt to satisfy her. You simply cant fuck her hard and deep enough.  The towels got laid down at the couch for the impending waterworks.

We took a break...and I told her I better cum on her now and she was fine with that. I laid her on the bed and had her suck my dick and balls till i was able to stroke my load on her tits. Oh did i mention she had perfect natural breasts for her body?

Over the course of the next 4 or 5 hours...3 more men would show up. And much of what i described continued. She was treated like a common slut and stretched and pounded over and over again...She squirted numerous times to the point of exhaustion at least 10 times.

Overall the guys worked well together and made sure Nikki was the focus at all times. It was great to see her and her husband again...She is a very sexy pretty smart insightful woman. One thing in events like this is there are a lot of naked breaks..we sit around and tell stories and share thoughts..they have lots of good stories.
sorry for the quality but come on ....this is how amateurs work
Next update will be post Vegas..

Friday, July 12, 2013

french connection

This couple contacted me well over a year ago via a site. They live in NY and have an interesting background. He is French, she is Taiwanese. Years ago, she was with a black man and he basically tormented her for several years. Even though that time in her life was not very pleasurable, she did take some aspects from it and at least sexually has carried it with her.

We met last fall in Baltimore just for a little while as they were passing through. Nice conversation and so forth. A few things happened for them personally and I really didn't hear from them for a long time. They contacted me a few weeks ago and said they were going to stay in my area for a night and wanted to know if I wanted to meet them.

I got to their hotel and was texted the room number and told to come up. I was greeted by the mr and said hello walked in and she was on the bed in a denim mini skirt, no panties and a loose tank top. I sat down on the bed next to her...and we caught up on things...etc.

Eventually she just said, I wanna see, and began to undo my pants. She was on her knees on the bed and took out my dick and stroked and began to suck it. He husband was sitting on the other side of the king bed watching as i moved her hair to the side so he and i could get a nice view. He began fingering her from behind under her skirt as she sucked on me.

I went down on her freshly shaved pussy and licked and fingered it for a good while. She alternated holding my head still and reaching for her hubby and moaning. Eventually I asked her if she was ready to get fucked. She smiled and nodded her head and said yes. Her hubby gave me some lube as she was tight as drum just from a couple of fingers.  We went very slow at first..easing myself inside her as she advised me to please go slow.

She took several deep breaths and eventually relaxed as i slowly gave her more and went deeper. Being tall sometimes you need props to adequately get deep, so we both thought adding a pillow under her would help cause she was at the point now that she wanted to feel all of me deep. I began to pound her hard with her legs pinned no longer worried about her tight pussy. It was no longer tight. Her husband would ask her if she felt like a slut and she would cry out yes..I asked her if she wanted some more black dick next time she is in town and she said ohhh yes.

We did all the usual positions; she got on top and rode me hard bouncing her small frame with some serious velocity on my hard dick. We finished in doggie as  I again pounded her now gaping pussy from behind. After about an hour of this, I pulled out and turned her around and said are you ready for some cum. She smiled.

I pulled her around and positioned her diagonally at the corner of the bed as i stood over her. I fed her my dick told her to get it wet. I then pulled out and fed my balls and told her to suck them and lick them. What a great feeling. I stroked myself a few times and told her to open wide and shot some thick gobs of seed in her mouth. She took it all down and was very proud of herself.

It was a very enjoyable evening.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

tx two step

OK so i been going back and forth with someone and finally made the move to offer to come see her. Once i knew they were serious i put the plans in motion. Long story short i met them in TX. I have met numerous couples that have a variety of "arrangements" in their relationship. I don't judge I just make a decision if its something i want to go forward with.

Anyway the plan was to meet the Mrs alone at a baseball game in the afternoon. Good plan. Public meeting, see how things go. The first time i heard her voice in the month of planning is right when she is walking towards me on her phone. We meet, hug, and hit a bar for some pregame warming up.

First impression: Jessica Simpson looks like her...oh the old school Jessica Simpson OK or go with daisy duke looks like her....tight top short shorts sexy package. At the bar we both are fighting to ask questions of each other...I'm instantly fascinated by whats going on in her life. Were totally open about things and talk about the day a little, and how we both got to be in front of each other at that moment.

We get to the stadium and have good seats and half watch the game and continue talking. 90 percent of our convos are not for public broadcast with the people around us...but we're careful for the most part. We both realize we could talk to each other for days about what all were up to and got planned and have done....etc...its going really well.

She observes me pulling on a hangnail and tells me to stop it...Then she takes my finger and chews it off in her mouth with her teeth. Hold that thought.

We end up leaving around the 8th inning, hit the head come out..and boom i need to taste those lips...we kiss in the stadium..its brief but its a moment. On to the rest of the day...I'm learning more about her and what she wants not just from her words...she can get any dick anytime...she can be in control anytime....but she needs and wants to be taken....she needs a unique experience...its coming.

I meet the Mr later...I'm a fan..i like him...i think he wasn't sure what role to play....but me and the Mrs wanted him with us. we went for drinks and a bite to eat...we then make our way to the hotel..him driving me and her in the backseat....nothing scandalous...some petting here and there

Into the room...and its on...Mrs and i make out on the couch and eventually i pick her up and carry her to the bed...i lay her down on her back and provide a blindfold...i put it on her and provide a bag to reach in.....shes being a shit so i smack her hand and tell her to play right...

she is to reach in the bag and pull out an outfit to get into..she does as she is told and picks one to the bathroom to put it on...she opens the door half dressed and i help her finish getting it on....she looks really fucking sexy...she parades around to the Mr...and he agrees

she sits on the bed with me standing and coaxes my dick meets her lips and she goes to work on it....after a minute or so...the quote is.."Man you got some girth..." At that moment we both know its gonna be a good night.....

She got the business pretty good. Some slapping choking hard core dirty talk were all in play. She rode me and squirted all over me... twice! At one point she called hubby over while riding me. He came to the edge of the bed and she kissed him deeply. I was happy to see that cause I know she wanted it... I think we will end things there... There will be a reunion..

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dirty Vegas...

I have wanted to go to a specific event for a couple years now based on a couple i know that has gone...I've never really been to a big event like this. anyway its couples and single women only so i needed a date. to make a long story short i ended up attending with a wife on a hall pass who lives in CA.

we talked and she would fly there and stay with me for the 3 days. i got in a day early and met up with someone i had tried to on earlier trips there. i met her at a hotel club/bar and ended up back at my hotel..fucking and sucking. next day i go pick up my "date" for the weekend.

There were parties every night and clubs and pool parties during the day. We talked about playing with others ahead of the trip and decided we would just go with the flow. At the pool on Friday a wife approached my date and asked her if she minded us playing. That was a first..i got pimped out..haha..but was fun too.

Overall had a great time...and met some cool people not to mention how beautiful a lot of these women were. i wont get into too many details with this story cause it just was kind of like groundhogs day...same day over and over but i would do this event again.


OK so at the suggestion of a few folks, I'm going to attempt at writing about some of my meetings.
I thought about telling old stories but I think I'm just gonna start in the immediate present. I was previously posting this somewhere else and got suspended. Hopefully, this home will be a bit friendlier.

Thanks for reading